Private Sales Register

The British Charolais Cattle Society have launched a new service to help our breeders market and sell their stock in the light of the Covid-19 outbreak.

We have grouped bulls into sale catalogues according to areas that they are entered into and each animal in the catalogue has their details, as well as the full contact details of their vendor, including their health status information, along with a link to the full pedigree and performance info. This means that if you are interested in purchasing an animal you can contact the owner directly.

Please contact , preferably with pictures or a video of your animal if you would like to enter them into the private sales catalogue, or if you would like more information please call 07377119233.

Could you please also let us know if you sell your animal as we would like to keep the catalogue as up to date as possible.

See animals for sale in individual regions

Please contact the vendor directly for more details