DNA Instructions

All animals entered for sale must have their DNA testing complete or in progress at the lab at the time of entry.
Any entry that does not meet these criteria will not be allowed to be entered into the sale.

DNA analysis can be carried out on either hair or wet tissue tag samples. Pre-printed sample bags are available from the Society on request, or alternatively, any clear plastic bag will suffice (such as freezer food bags). If you choose to use your own bags, please ensure the animal’s UK Ear Tag number is clearly written on the outside of the bag.

Video tutorials on how to take DNA samples can be found on the Society’s Youtube page:
How To Take Hair Samples For DNA Analysis
How To Take Wet Tissue Tag Samples For DNA Analysis

The Society will issue DNA pending sample bags with every calf registered with the Society. If a member returns the sample bag back to the office before the calf reaches 10 months of age, it will be kept in storage at the Society office without further action. If a member requires testing to be carried out on a pending sample in storage, this can be requested by contacting the office. If the “Process Now” box on the pending bag has been ticked, samples will be sent for analysis immediately without being put into storage.

From the 01/01/2022 any calf that is tested before it turns 10 months old, will be tested at the pending DNA rate. Any animal older than this will be charged the full rate. Pending samples submitted and stored prior to this date will be charged the pending rate when testing is requested.

See our DNA testing guide for further information on DNA and current costs.