About the Society

The British Charolais Cattle Society (BCCS) has a proud history of supporting collaborative, forward-thinking and conscientious breeders.

Before the society was established in 1962, the breed in the UK was known as just ‘Charolais’. Now, the British Charolais has become recognisably distinct from the Charolais found in other countries around the world.

At the society, our core purpose is to make the case for Charolais – extending its natural lead as the beef of choice especially for those who are eco-conscious. No bull works harder for the farmer, plate and planet.

BCCS collaborates with the cattle farming community to minimise costs and lift the efficiency of British farming with Charolais.

As a society, we actively encourage performance recording and monitor herds through inspections, with a technical team regularly meeting and reviewing data.

As a breed, we are happy to use any tools that can assist us in continuing to improve Charolais’ genetics and performance – to keep Charolais bull users in profit. Our current system is BREEDPLAN, which is there to assist bull selection, due to the traits most suited by your system.

What does it mean to become a member?

  • Registration of pedigree cattle.
  • Entering animals into society pedigree cattle sales.
  • Entering the optional performance recording scheme.
  • Ease of settling your account monthly by direct debit.
  • Regional Clubs
  • Youth Programme
  • Two annual publications per year.
  • Regional council members for support and knowledge sharing.
  • Large social media community of 31,000+ followers
  • An online sales platform for your pedigree Charolais

Find out more about becoming a member here.