Report by Annabelle Howell

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Top Price of the day on Thursday the 13th June was £1310 for a Charolais Bullock from Louise and Alice Allan, Arnsow or 233.2p for a pen of Charolais Bullocks off Mossend, Ayr. Furthermore, Heifers Peaked at £1300 for a Tremendous Charolais Heifer from Louise Allan or 227.9p for a Charolais Heifer off Creagraineach, Arran.

At the weekly primestock sale, (Tuesday 18th June) Prime Cattle sold to a Top Price of £1396 for a Charolais Heifer Consigned by Dykes Farm.

Out of the 85 calves forward, Bull calves topped the trade, at £460 for a Charolais Cross from J Gilvear, Graystale. In the fat section, Heifers were topped by a Charolais releasing 229ppk from Messers Young, Girvan Mains. Top Price of £1200 was seen for a cast Charolais Cow off Messrs Young, and Cast bulls were traded at a top of £1360.

Bullocks Topped at £1100 for a Charolais off Helentongate. Top priced PPK heifer was also a Charolais at 216.7p from West Enoch.

136 cast cows sold under the hammer on Tuesday 2nd July was topped by a Charolais cow, releasing £1380 Cow off Messrs Heath, Blair Farm, Barrhill or reaching 166.3p for the same Cow.

Bakewell Market – Bagshaws
With 168 store cattle sold, and Charolais were once again found amongst the top prices. A ten-month Charolais from PE Yates commanded a great price of £895 in the steers. In the heifers, 23-month Charolais attracted £1025 whilst in the calves, Charolais x bulls made £355. The following sale on the 15th July commanded a 150ppk bid for a barren Charolais cow weighing 798kgs (grossing £1197) from M Gregory, and 138ppk for a 730kg cow from the same home. Charolais bull calves topped the calf section, selling to a solid £405.

Bentham Auction Mart
BAM’s special sale of Farmers Stirks held on the 18th June proved demand for Charolais types to bring on and farm at the producer, with CH steers making £750, CH bulls making £710, and heifers making £635.

At the weekly primestock sale, held on Monday 3rd June, saw cast cows topped by Mr David Holliday, Rashfield sold an outstanding Charolais cow for 954kg at 167.5p which came to a total of £1597.

The store sale which accumulated just short of 1000 cattle on Wednesday the 12th of June was topped at £1285 for a marvellous pen of 3 Charolais x bullocks which were brought forward by L E Grice & Son, Newtown Farm, Carlisle.

The Weekly store sale of 585 cattle saw Steers topped at a high of £1215 for a Charolais cross from Messrs Kyle, Spoutbank, Brampton and £1200 from Messrs Brough, Clappers, Wigton.

Dingwall Auction Marts
Charolais Heifers accumulated top prices at Dingwall and Highland Marts weekly prime stock sales, reaching 216ppk for a 505kg handy weight Charolais cross from Easter Sheeppark.

Charolais cross heifers reached 605kgs and grossed up to £1264.45 from Bridgend Farm, releasing 209ppk.

The following sale also saw prime Charolais cross heifers grossing £1242.30, and reaching 205ppk.

Exeter Livestock Market – Kivells
There was a good entry for time of year with 118 prime and barren cattle present. Barren cows sold to a high of 141ppk for a Charolais for T & M Snell.

There were 253 store cattle and stirks on the premises, with Charolais well sought after.  A well bred run of Charolais stores from J Cole & Son had 19 month steers sell well into the £1145 mark, and heifers reaching £980. 18-month Charolais types from T Mears sold to £1060   and yearlings from A Stanbury made £900.  7-month-old Charolais stirks reached £660, and Charolais x calves sold for up to £290, just chasing the BB’s tails.

We saw super 3-week old Charolais cross heifer calves nearly push that £300 mark, with the top selling for £295, whilst the best Charolais cross bull calf flew ahead and bagged £400. Bull calves averaged a super £357 and heifer calves averaged a strong £276, showing the demand for Charolais crossed on dairy.  The store sale on the 14th saw 25-month Charolais reach £1140 for M Tooze and younger 14 month bullocks reach a £950 for J Cole, whilst his 14 month heifers made £775.

Friday 28th June saw 25 month Charolais heifers top to a super £1135 from S & R Partridge whilst a bullock from the same home released £1060. Charolais x Dairy once again sold into the £300 mark.

Best yearling Charolais steers sold on the 5th July sold for a respectable price of £880 whilst heifers from the same home (B Ellett) sold for £715. 20-month old heifers sold for £965.

This week once again saw Charolais topping demand, with strong 25 month steers selling for £1280 from P & P Keast whilst their slighty younger lots pushed into the £1205 mark. Heifers were also headed by Charolais, with a strong 24m heifer from P & P Keast again selling for £1080. Just behind south devons, young Charolais steers sold for £670 apiece in the stirks.

Hexham Auction Marts
Hexham Auction Mart held its weekly sale of 123 Store Cattle on Friday 21st June that included its monthly sale of native breeds. Charolais heifers in the 23-30 months of age region sold for £1060 from M/s AR White whilst younger (11-17months) Charolais Steers peaked at £870 and heifers releasing £900, both from Risehead.

The last store sale of the month saw a powerful Charolais cross bred steer at 20 months from Willie Woodman, Great Chesters, selling for £1190.

The Friday sale saw Charolais once again achieving premium prices in the store section. A square Charolais cross bullock (11-16 months) from Anthony White, Low Staples, Hexham made £1040. The same vendor then sold two others on the day at £1010 and £1005. Cattle at 17-22 months were topped at £920 from Ogle Dene, and Older heifers (23-30 months) from Farnamullan topped their age section at £900. Furthermore, Charolais cow and calf outfits reached £1430 from Amerside Law.

Huntly Auction Mart
The Thursday sale saw 56 store and OTM cattle sold, with Charolais X in high demand. Charolais cross heifers sold to a top of £930 from Clerkseat and Charolais cross OTMS topped at £1300 from Badentoul.

Monmouthshire Livestock Market
There was an entry of 44 stirks forward, of which RT Watkins topped the heifers at £740 with 9 month Charolais with others at £690, £675 & £670.  R Bassett & O Scrivens sold to £655 and SE Bassett to £650 (Blue & Char X, 12m). There was a show of 214 store cattle forward, trade held up well due to the lesser number compared to recent weeks.  The well fleshed forward cattle continue to meet strong demand, cattle which are small for their age hard to place, but all found new homes.  Feeding steers to £1275 (645kg-23m) for Charolais crosses from TG, D & JL James. RA Bennetts sold Charolais crosses to £1265 (640kg-24m) followed by £1255 (770kg-30m) from the same home. In the feeding heifers, Charolais crosses reached £1080 (540kg, 24 months) from RA Bennetts, Penhow.

In the store bull section, this week saw a larger than usual entry of 20 bulls but lacking overall quality forward today to a top of £890 for a CharolaisX (15m) from JA Wyatt. EH & RL Leyshon sold Charolais X steers (11m) to £835.

A Dispersal consignment from WHR Thomas, Sennybridge held incorporated into the weekly sale on 19th June sold to £1240 for an 87-month Hereford cow & her Charolais bull calf (5m) with another from the same home (AA cow & Char calf) at £1220. Another grand entry of 96 young stores with the quality sorts still selling to a strong trade.  Top selling in the steers of £925 for 10-month Charolais steers (440kgs) from WJ & EA Lewis, Neath, who sold others at £890, £885 & £800. The heifer section was dominated by entries from WJ & EA Lewis Neath selling to £820 (Char, 9m, 375kgs) with others at £800 (19m, 385kgs).  AJ & KL Bowen sold Charolais X heifers to £765 & £755. Steers topped at £1175 for a 23-month Charolais (570kg) from TG, D & JL James, Swansea, with another 26 months from the same home at £1140. Best of the younger farming steers came from DJ Williams, Newport selling 15-month Charolais at £1075. A nice entry of some very well reared calves sold extremely well and 6-month Charolais heifers achieved £430. In the store bull section, there was a larger than usual entry of 20 bulls to a top of £890 for a CharolaisX (15m) from JA Wyatt. In the younger steers, EH & RL Leyshon sold Charolais X steers (11m) to £835.

With an entry of 121 store cattle forward, Wednesday 26th June saw strong feeding steers releasing £1190 for Charolais crosses (675kg-25m) from E Powell & Son, Llanbedr.  A super run of Charolais crosses from JG Biggs & Son, topped at £1165 (660kg- 22 months), £1155 (618kg at 21 months), £1150 (620kg, 21 months) & £1130 (530kg 23 months). Yearling steers sold to a massive £1120 for young 13 month old  Charolais crosses scaling 570kgs  from E Powell & Son.

There was a mixed bag of store bulls forward but Charolais crosses came out on top with a super £975 (24-25m) from J Berry. In the store cattle, again, grazing steers sold to £940 for strong 516kg bullocks at 16 months for Charolais crosses from WA Jones.

Wednesday 10th July included the annual consignment from RJ Morgan in the stirks/young store section which sold to a flying trade with the best steers (Char X – 8/10m) topping the section at £915. Younger Charolais X heifers from the same home also a terrific trade topping at £810 at 6-9 months with others at £795 and £760.  With 90 store cattle forward, feeding steers reached £1130 for 630kg Charolais crosses from JA & JM Studley. WJ & CM Thomas sold Charolais crosses to £1080 scaling a solid 596kg at 25m. Younger grazing types sold to £975 for 18 month old Charolais crosses from JA & JM Studley.

This week saw a useful entry of 55 head sold to a selective trade. In the stirks, steers topped at £840 for Charolais and Limousins steers from JN Coonick sold to £795 (9m), whilst similar steers (10m) sold to £790. Heifers sold to a top of £700 for strong Charolais crosses (weighing in at 355kg, and 10 months) from ES & JS Huntley. With a good show of 130 store cattle forward, there was several good consignments of grazing and feeding types present which were more eagerly bid for.  Feeding steers to £1190 (680kg-21m) for Charolais crosses from E Powell & Son. Feeding heifers sold to £1030 (527kg-25m) for Charolais crosses from TG, D & JL James, followed by £1030 (545kg-25m) from the same home.

Charolais remaining consistent at Stirling, when their weekly sale held on Wednesday 10th July saw 276 store cattle sold. Bullocks, were topped by Charolais X in both PPK and lump sums, reaching respectable highs of 229.5ppk from Drummoider and £1170 from Gillmill. OTM Charolais cows from Woodhill reached £1110 and OTM Charolais bulls from Woodhead of Aberdalgie reached 130ppk and £1310.

Orkney Mart
With the falling beef prices not dampening the Charolais sparkle, Tuesday 4th June saw prime Charolais heifers scaling 570kgs reached 224ppk from W S Garson & Son. In the store section, top price was £1230 for a Charolais weighing 640kgs from Northbank Holdings. Bullocks sold to a high of 242.5ppk for two 402kg Charolais, with leading bullock prices dominated by the Charolais These were weighing between 380-565kgs and achieving prices from £910 to £1200.  Store heifers sold to 236.2ppk for a group of 4 Charolais weighing 381kgs from Quoys, totalling £900. Other noted prices, also dominated by the Charolais, included heifers from Quoys who had heifers weighing 403kgs achieving £920 (228.3ppk), 402kgs releasing £915 (227.6ppk) and heifers from Newark, Sanday reached 211ppk and £920 for stronger heifers weighing 435kgs.

With only small sales in the following Mondays saw Charolais consistently in the top prices, with the 18th June seeing Charolais weights as high as 725kgs hitting 220ppk, releasing a staggering £1595, £1408 the following week for a Charolais from Staye which weighed 640kgs and made 220ppk. The 2nd of July saw Charolais once again grossing a massive £1591 from Cauldhame which sold at 215ppk and weighed a very solid 740kgs. Prime heifers sold to 212ppk for a Charolais weighing 690kgs from J & G Smith, Stromness which released £1462.80

Skipton – CCM Auctions
Wednesday 19th June saw 368 cattle forward. 120 of those were young bulls, of which the continental cross average was £869. Charolais X young bulls had an average of £899 which storms past the average, and tops of £1020. Says it all!

Store bullocks on Wednesday 17th July showcased Charolais store bullocks to average £956, streaking ahead of the steer average of £940. The highest price was £1060 from G & R Bulmer, and Charolais x also achieved top price pen of 3 bullocks, releasing £1055. Charolais heifers topped at a healthy £1270. The reduction consignment from JW Barker saw his top prices in cows with Charolais x calves in particular hitting the higher prices, with 2014 born cows with Charolais bull calves at foot achieving a super £1620, and heifer calves with same age dam achieving £1560.

June 2, 2019 5,400gns Killadeas Neil leads the Swatragh Charolais sale

A small but high-quality offering of pedigree Charolais were on offer at the Northern Ireland Charolais club sale on Friday 31 May at Swatragh Mart, where the 10 bulls sold to a high of 5,400gns, averaged £3,286, up £575 on the year, and cleared to 79%.

Top Price, Reserve Supreme & Reserve Male Champion Killadeas Neil – 5,400gns

Topping the lots at 5,400gns was the reserve supreme and male champion Killadeas Neil, who was bred and exhibited by Stuart and David Bothwell, Ballina Mallard, Co Fermanagh, who two weeks ago claimed both the male junior champion and reserve titles at the Balmoral show with their homebred bulls Killadeas Orlando and Olaf. The 20 month-old Neil is sired by Gwenog Braveheart who was purchased by the herd in 2014 and his dam Killadeas Francis goes back to Southern Irish-bred Dunlon Ulick. He was purchased by Raymond Pedlow, Lurgan, Co Armagh.

Next in the trade stakes at 4,200gns was a blue ticket winner from Phillip McCrory, Garvaghey, Co Tyrone. A November 2017-born son of Derryolam Impeccable, Tandaragee Northstar was snapped up by James McLeister, Portglenone, Co Antrim, and is bred out of the Pirate-sired Tandaragee Ellie.

Supreme & Male Champion Ardmachree Noah – 4,000gns

Not far behind at 4,000gns was the 18 month-old Ardmachree Noah who caught the eye of Andrew Millar, Antrim, Co Antrim, when he was tapped out as the supreme and male champion at the pre-sale show for breeders and exhibitors Aaron and Erin Quigley, Macken, Co Fermanagh. Noah is sired by the proven easy calving AI sire Blelack Digger and his dam is Mullinveigh Gaga, is a daughter of the 25,000gns Perth supreme champion Mowbraypark Orlando.

Carnview Oregon, an April 2018-born bull from James McGuigan, Maghera, Co Derry, who placed second in his class earlier in the evening, was next top priced. His dam, the 14,200gns Balbithan Georgia who was purchased by the herd at the Balbithan dispersal sale in October 2017, is a daughter of the 10,000gns Stirling senior champion Chunal Dougie, while he is sired by the Royal Bath and West show class winner Mortimers Hurricane. He was knocked down sold to John Campbell, Maghera, Co Derry, for 3,600gns.

Following on at 2,600gns was the 13,000gns Goldies Iceman son Toberlane Nigel, whose dam Toberlane Georgia goes back to the 55,000gns Balmoral show interbreed champion Sportsmans Columbo. This 19 month-old lad was purchased by S Brady, Stewartstown, Co Tyrone and consigned by William Causey, Cookstown, Co Tyrone, who went on the sell the next highest priced lot. 2,500gns was the price paid for his July 2017-born, yellow ticket winner Toberlane Newton, by purchaser Peter Quinn, Pomeroy, Co Tyrone. Newton is sired by the 14,000gns Goldies Joss and bred out of the Dungannon supreme champion Kiltybane Best-sired Toberlane Holly.

Securing 2,500gns for breeder and exhibitors Brian McAllister and Son, Kells, Co Antrim, was the 14 month-old Burnside Olaf, who is a son of Mowbraypark Paramount and Burnside Limp, a 16,000gns Stirling junior champion Clyth Diplomat daughter. His purchaser was the aforementioned Raymond Pedlow of Lurgan, Co Armagh.

The only heifer on offer was knocked down at 1,400gns and taken home by S Brady, Stewartstown, Co Tyrone. Royaldowns Orleans, an 11 month-old daughter of Rowandale Dancer and the 9,000gns Balmoral supreme champion Goldies Carnival-sired Royaldowns Icecream was offered for sale by Mervyn McKeown, Crossgar, Co Down.

Once again, the mart kindly offered to host Northern Ireland regional qualifier for the Charolais Youth national stock judging competition. There was a great turnout of youngsters taking part with the hope of securing a place on the Northern Ireland team at the finals which this year will be held at Clogher show on the 31st July.

There were three classes of cattle to be judged, two classes of heifers which were kindly supplied by Robert McWilliams and William Whyte, while Will Short brought a class of young bulls and has also very generously supplied a heifer as prize for this year’s NI club raffle, the proceeds of which will be donated to the Northern Ireland Childrens Hospice and the Air Ambulance of Northern Ireland. Tickets for which are still available to purchase from the Northern Ireland Charolais club.

Previous Charolais National Youth Final winner Kevin Reavey was the master judge. Kevin, who was incorporated onto the prestigious Charolais judges’ panel after impressing his mentor David Barker of the Caylers herd from Hertfordshire, when he shadowed at last year’s Clogher show has since gone on to judge at Dungannon sale earlier this month.

Senior Winner Alan Burleigh with master judge Kevin Reavey and senior runnerup James Causey

Heading up the senior section with a score of 130 points was Alan Burleigh of Crummy, Co Fermanagh, who secured the top spot because of his excellent reason giving, while the section’s runner up who also scored 130 points was James Causey, Cookstown, Co Tyrone.

Intermediate Winner Erin Quigley with master judge Kevin Reavey and intermediate runnerup Mark Reid

The intermediate winner Erin Quigley of Macken, Co Fermanagh, was also the evenings top scorer and achieved an impressive 146 points, just behind with a score of 142 was Mark Reid, Dungannon, Co Fermanagh.

Junior Winner Clarke Balfour with master judge Kevin Reavey and junior runnerup James Morrison

A score of 134 saw Clarke Balfour, Bellanaleck, Co Fermanagh, top the junior section, while runner up James Morrison, Maguiresbridge, Co Fermanagh, was just behind on 130 points.

Northern Ireland Stockjudging Team

Joining the winners at the final will be next highest placed competitors Amy Wilson, Sam Matchett, Matthew Mitchell and Eimear McGovern.

Averages: 10 bulls £3,286.50, one heifer £1470.00
Auctioneers Swatragh Livestock Market
Joint Sponsors: Friels bar and restaurant, Specialist Joinery Group and Creagh Concrete
Judge: Gerard McShane, Articarvin, Co Tyrone

May 13, 2019 Caylers Napoleon tops the lots at Carlisle

There was ready commercial trade for Charolais at Borderway Mart, Carlisle, on Saturday 11th May, where 61 bulls sold to average £4,855.82 with a clearance of 75% and 22 lots sold for 5,000gns and above.

Top Price, Reserve Supreme Champion Caylers Napoleon – 12,000gns

Top priced at 12,000gns was the reserve supreme, reserve male and reserve intermediate champion Caylers Napoleon from the Barker family at Caylers Charolais, Nuthamptead, Hertfordshire, who went on to sell a total of four bulls to average £6,892.50. The 17 month-old Napoleon who was knocked down at 12,000gns in a two way share between John & Raymond Irvine, Ballindalloch, Aberdeenshire and Jim Muirhead, Arbroath, Angus, is sired by the Irish-born Rosanna Jupiter and out of Caylers Fuchsia, a Caylers Bombadier daughter.

Next from the same vendor came the blue ticket winner Caylers Oscar, who is also sired by Rosanna Jupiter. One of the sales younger lots, the January 2018-born Oscar, who is bred out of the Thrunton Dominator-sired Caylers Glamour, caught the eye of Messrs Edmondson, Kirkby-in-Furness, Cumbria, who purchased him for 6,000gns.

Also from the Caylers yard and selling at 5,600gns, was the 17 month-old Caylers Nougat. This time purchased by J Griffiths, Llandrindod Wells, Powys, he is out of the Royal Highland show reserve junior male champion Elgin Davinci daughter, Caylers Inspiration and sired by First, whose first two sons sold last month at Welshpool averaging £6,300.

The day’s other five figure bull was Bill Bruce’s reserve junior champion from Meigle, Perthshire. Balmyle Oleary, a 13 month-old by the 11,000gns Carlisle reserve champion Balmyle Jasper, whose first son sold for 20,000gns, was knocked down sold to Major David and Nick Walter, Balthayock, Perthshire, for 10,000gns. His dam is the 9,500gns Maerdy Egret daughter Balmyle Halo.

Balmyle Oleary – 10,000gns

Next in the trade stakes at 9,000gns was the class winner Goldies Network. The 15,000gns Gretnahouse Heman is the sire of this December 2017-born lad, while his dam Goldies Jewel goes back to Goldies Gladiator. Local breeder William Cleasby, Temple Sowerby, Cumbia, was the buyer and he was offered for sale by Hamish Goldie, Ruthwell, Dumfries-shire, who sold a total of three to average £6,930.

Goldies Network – 9,000gns

Mr Goldie’s other top lot selling for 8,000gns, was the supreme, male and intermediate champion Goldies Noted. Judge Sean McGovern of the Ratoary Charolais herd, Co Tyrone, placed him top commenting “the champion found me, I liked his moves, a long clean bull with nice quarters and top line, with a great head, locomotion and balance, the type of bull I would like to see in my own yard.” Another Gretnahouse Heman son, this time bred out of Goldies Jinny, a 34,000gns Perth supreme champion Goldies Uppermost daughter, the 17 month-old Noted goes on to work in Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbrightshire, for his new owners Gelston Castle Farms.

Supreme Champion Goldies Noted – 8,000gns

Another lot knocked down at 8,000gns, was Gretnahouse Ninja, who had placed third in his class at the previous day’s show. The December 2017-born Ninja is sired by Westcarse Jimmy, whose first four sons sold averaged £8,250 at Stirling in February, and out of Gretnahouse Fayesse, who has previously bred bulls to 7,500gns, and is in turn sired by the 25,000gns Perth senior champion Thrunton Camelot. He was purchased by A Smellie, Peebles, Roxburghshire and consigned by Alasdair Houston, Gretna Green, Dumfries-shire, who achieved the highest herd average of the day, 7,008.75 for his four bulls.

Gretnahouse Ninja – 8,000gns

Mr Houston’s next highest priced, selling at 7,200gns to William Forbes, Ballindalloch, Banffshire, was the class winner Gretnahouse Nelson. Westcarse Jimmy is also the sire of this 17 month-old whose dam is the 17,000gns Balthayock Gladiator daughter Gretnahouse Jaywatch.

Gretnahouse Nelson – 7,200gns

Gretnahouse Neon, a blue ticket winner, was the other of Alasdair Houston’s top selling lots. 6,500gns was the price paid for Neon, an October 2017-born son of Westcarse Jimmy and the 12,000gns Carlisle reserve senior champion Wesley Equinox daughter Gretnahouse Jusilla, who was purchased by Messrs Strain, Ballantrae, Ayrshire.

Whitecliffe Nico, who was tapped out second in his class, was the next highest priced at 7,800gns. Bred and exhibited by Mike and Jane Hayhurst, Kirbymisperton, North Yorkshire, this 20 month old 30,000gns Dingle Hofmeister son, was snapped up by Rachel Dawson, Newton Burgoland, Leicestershire. His dam Whitecliffe Heather is a Blelack Digger daughter.

Whitecliffe Nico – 7,800gns

Not far behind at 7,500gns was the March 2017-born Ricnick Nelson, a top 1% calving ease bull, who placed second in his class at the presale show. He is no stranger to the show-ring, having secured the Dumfries show male championship last year. The 18,000gns Thrunton Fairfax is the sire here and he is out of Ricnick Jump, a Logan Geordie daughter. Offered for sale by Richard McCornick, Lochfoot, Dumfries-shire, he was purchased by AH Fisher, Portpatrick, Wigtownshire.

Ricnick Nelson – 7,500gns

The next highest priced lot was knocked down sold to Messrs Coghill, Birsay, Orkney, for 7,200gns. Seaville Nero, a blue ticket winner and 20 month-old son of the National show reserve male champion Sportsmans Linesman, was consigned by Robert and Kathleen Jackson, Blencogo, Cumbria. His dam Seaville Julie goes back to the popular and easy calving AI sire Blelack Digger.

Seaville Nero -7,200gns

Also in the money were W K and P Drysdale, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, when a 7,000gns bid secured their blue ticket winner Glenericht Nacho. Douganhill Farms, Palmackie, Kirkcudbrightshire, purchased this September 2017-born lad, who is sired by the Royal show and Royal Highland show supreme champion Fleets Vibrant and out of the 12,000gns Caylers Gladiator daughter, Glenericht Jarling.

Glenericht Nacho – 7,000gns

Matching the 7,000gns price tag was Andrew Stott’s class winner Tophill Oscar from Canonbie, Dumfries-shire. A 16 month-old son of the 10,000gns Carlisle supreme champion Ratoary Ferguson and the 30,000gns Dingle Hofmeister-sired Edenhurst Rosett he was purchased by Messrs Gilleard, Thorne, South Yorkshire.

Tophill Oscar – 7,000gns

Commanding a 6,500gns bid from an undisclosed purchaser was the 9,000gns Carlisle class winner Nuthampstead Judas son, Westcarse Napoleon, who stood second in his class at the pre-sale show. John Christie, from Stirling, Stirlingshire, was the exhibitor of the December 2017-born Napoleon, who is bred out of Westcarse Gill, a Kersknowe Clansman daughter.

Two bulls then achieved 5,500gns apiece, with the first coming from Thor Atkinson’s Arradfoot and Newland Pedigree Livestock, Newland, Cumbria. Arradfoot Nixon, who picked up a yellow ticket at the pre-sale show, has previously been crowned reserve supreme champion at Thirsk calf show and reserve calf champion at the English winter fair. A 17 month-old son of the 12,000gns Carlisle reserve senior champion Wesley Equinox, and the 6,800gns Glenrock Jewel, another Dingle Hofmeister daughter, he caught the eye of Glen Park Farms, Balerno, Mid Lothian.

The other 5,500gns lot was Ellerton Oldstone who had been tapped out second in his class for breeder and exhibitor Andrew Brown, Foggathorpe, Yorkshire, and sold to Messrs Shennan and Sons, Girvan, Aryshire. The 19,000gns Perth reserve junior champion Corrie Alan is the sire of the March 2018-born Oldstone and his dam Ellerton Honeysuckle goes back to the £15,000 Lowerffrydd Benhurr.

There was plenty of trade for Charolais females, with heifers selling to 4,800gns twice, both of which were consigned by the aforementioned Hamish Goldie. Goldies Nancy, who had placed second in her class the previous day was the first, a 25 month-old daughter of the 14,000gns Goldies Joss and the Goldies Formidable-sired Goldies Juliette, she sold served to Messrs Strain, Ballantree, Ayrshire.

Goldies Nancy – 4,800gns

The other of Mr Goldies lots to be knocked down at 4,800gns was the July 2017-born and Gretnahouse Heman sired, class winner, Goldies Nice. Out of Goldies Incense another Goldies Formidable daughter, she was purchased by Whitemills Ltd, Marden, Herefordshire, which is a new venture set up by Botswanan resident Patricia Johnson-Hill. Her son in law and stockman, UK born Clive Marshall, moved over to Botswana in 1985 to take over the running of the Charolais herd there after working for the De Crespigny herd with Gordon Brookes. Clive, who will be establishing Patricia’s Charolais herd here in the UK, is travelling over later this month with the intention of selecting more base females for the herd. He is looking for “structurally correct females with very good figures”.

Goldies Nice – 4,800gns

Whitemills Ltd went on to purchase another of Mr Goldie’s lots, the reserve female champion Goldies Nora for 3,500gns. The 19 month-old Nora is bred out of Goldies Jean, who also goes back to Goldies Formidable and is sired by Gretnahouse Heman.

Goldies Nora – 3,500gns

A cracking draft of heifers from Roy and Matthew Milne, Lhanbryde, Morayshire, was up for sale next and saw the ten heifers on offer average £1785.00 with a top price of 4,000gns for the 16 month-old Elgin Natty, who was purchased by Ellis Mutch to join his herd in Forglen, Banffshire. She is sired by the 11,000gns Woodpark Elgin, while her dam Elgin Juliet, a half-sister to the 28,000gns Stirling supreme champion Elgin Glenlivet, goes back to the Highland show supreme champion Elgin Highroller.

Another of the Milne’s family top lots was the February 2017-born Elgin Nicky, who sold served to Messrs Bowen, Molleston, Pembrokeshire for 3,200gns. Again sired by Woodpark Elgin, Nicky is out of the 12,000gns Caylers Gladiator daughter, Elgin Ida.

The highest priced cow and calf outfit was bred and consigned by Fred, June and Emma Andrews of Holmfirth, Yorkshire. Holtstead Libby, a December 2015-born first calving heifer, who sold served to the 10,000gns Stirling senior champion Chunal Dougie, is sired by the 12,000gns Carlisle reserve senior champion Wesley Equinox and her dam Holtstead Gina goes back to the 30,000gns Dingle Hofmeister. She was purchased by E Hourston, Swannay, Orkney, along with her six month-old, Blelack Digger-sired bull calf, Holstead Odin for 3,500gns.

Averages: 61 bulls £4,855.82; 17 heifers £2272.94; 3 cows and calves £2765.00
Auctioneers: Harrison and Hetherington Ltd.
Judge: Sean McGovern, Clogher, Co Tyrone.

May 7, 2019 Charolais trade to 3,300 at Dungannon

A small but high-quality offering of Charolais saw a solid trade at Dungannon on Monday 6 May where 11 bulls sold to a top price of 3,300gns and an average of £2,539.

The sale leader at 3,300gns was the blue ticket winner Killadeas Oriel from Stuart and David Bothwell, Ballina Mallard, Co Fermanagh. The 13 month-old Oriel is sired by Roughand Jaden, out of the home-bred Killadeas Letty who goes back to Gwenog Braveheart and was purchased by James Rice, Armagh, Co Armagh.

Supreme Champion Fymore Olaf for Mr S McCaughey with Judge Kevin Reavey & Sean McGovern

Mr F Lapin, Poyntzpass, Co Down, were the next to purchase, spending 3,000gns and taking home the supreme and male champion Fymore Olaf. Olaf is a January 2018-born son of the 18,000gns Perth intermediate champion Fury Action and Fymore Holly who is sired by the 38,000gns Perth reserve junior champion Goldies Champion and was bred and exhibited by Sean McCaughey, Augher, Co Tyrone.

Close behind and securing 2,800gns was Derryharney Oddball who took the fancy of Eric Robinson, Armagh, Co Armagh when he was tapped out second in his class at the pre-sale show. This 15 month-old entry from Harold Stubbs and Alan Burleigh, Crummy, Co Fermanagh, is sired by Dooley Lewis while his maternal grandsire is the 10,000gns Perth supreme champion Thrunton Bonjovi.

Derryharney Oddball for Harold Stubbs & Alan Burleigh

Next at 2,500gns was Mountjoy Nepal who was awarded a yellow ticket for breeder Caldwell McAskie, Tully, Co Tyrone. A son of the Royal Welsh show reserve male and junior champion Montgomery Ianto and the 13,000gns Perth junior champion Simpsons Gregg-sired Mountjoy Florrie, this September 2017-born lad travels on to work in Newtownhamilton, Co Down, with new owner Richard Bailie.

Matching the 2,500gns price tag was the January 2018-born born Brigadoon Oakley from David and Albert Connolly, Ballynahinch of Co Down. Frank Mullin liked the look of this yellow ticking winning son of 10,000gns Stirling reserve junior champion Goldies Icon and Royal Capitan daughter Brigadoon Indigo and takes him home to work in Sixmilecross, Co Tyrone.

Heading up the female section at 2,400gns was the June 2017-born Killadeas Nuala. Sired by the proven high performing, short gestation and easy calving Blelack Digger and out of Killadeas Jean, who goes back to the 16,000gns Stirling supreme champion Blackford Dynamite, she was purchased by Phelim and Bronagh Caraher, Crossmaglen, and bred and exhibited by the aforementioned Stuart and David Bothwell.

The Bothwell’s carried on their success with the reserve female champion Killadeas Nanette, who was next in the trade stakes at 2,350gns. This time purchased by N McGrattan, Kircubbin, Co Down, the aforementioned Roughan Jaden was the sire and the Clogher show intermediate female champion Killadeas Gloria – a Blackford Dynamite daughter – the dam of this October 2017-born lass.

The final noteworthy entry of the sale came from Harold Stubbs and grandson Alan Burleigh. Picking up a yellow ticket earlier in the day, Derryharney Naughtygirl went on to secure 2,300gns when knocked down to Clare Ferris, Millisle, Co Down. The breeding here includes the 10,000gns Perth supreme champion Thrunton Bonjovi and Derryharney Hazel, a daughter of the 9,000gns Balmoral show supreme champion Goldies Carnival.

Averages 1 bulls £2,539.09, 3 heifers £2,467.50.
Auctioneers: Dungannon Farmers Mart
Sponsor: Moore Concrete
Judge: Kevin Reavy, Jerretspass, Newry.

May 7, 2019 McCornick Family Lead the trade at Stirling

High commercial interest in Charolais bulls at Stirling drove the average to £5,676 for the 33 bulls sold, up £274 on last year for six more sold, with a clearance rate of 79% and 20 lots making 5,000gns and above.

Society CEO Peter Phythian commented, “The commercial farmer has driven the trade here at Stirling today, opting for a Charolais bull to produce Charolais sired suckler calves which top the markets on weight for age”.

Mccornick Nesquik – 8,500gns champion

Topping the lots and following on from his success in the previous day’s show was the supreme champion Mccornick Nesquik who was purchased by T Howden and Sons, Balerno, Mid Lothian, for 8,500gns. The May 2017-born Nesquik, who is sired by Thrunton Hermes and out of Mccornick Glacier, who goes back to the Carlisle reserve junior champion Edenhurst Dynamo, was bred and exhibited by the McCornick family, Kirkcowan, Wigtownshire, who not only made the top price of the day with the champion, but were also awarded the reserve championship by pre-sale judge David Thornley.

Mccornick Newyork – 6,500

Their reserve champion was the previous lot and classmate Mccornick Newyork, another Hermes son, this time bred out Mccornick Hugsy, also a Dynamo daughter. He was knocked down at 6,500gns and found a new home in Thurso, Caithness, with RM Mackay and Sons.

The two bulls were shown by the McCornick sisters, 25 year-old Gemma and her 21 year-old sister Kate. Champion handler Gemma, a third generation Charolais breeder, who has worked full time on the farm since finishing her studies at Agricultural college in Edinburgh in 2015, has taken over the responsibility for the management of the pedigree sale bulls, both Charolais and Aberdeen Angus and was delighted with the day’s trading.

Alongside their small pedigree Charolais herd, the family also run 80 pedigree Aberdeen Angus cows, 450 breeding ewes and 30 head of commercial cattle, consisting Aberdeen Angus cross cows all served to a Charolais bull, the resulting progeny of which are sold as sucklers at Stirling in the Autumn.

The champion and reserve are the Mccornick family’s first Charolais bulls sold through a Society sale ring since May 2015 and their biggest Charolais success since they sold the 10,000gns Mccornick Fusion at Carlisle in November 2011, as most of their bulls are sold to local repeat customers from the farm gate.

Thrunton Norseman – 8,000gns

Following on at 8,000gns was the 23 month-old Thrunton Norseman. The homebred Thrunton Gladiator is the sire here, who has bred over 180 sons and daughters into the herd and Norseman’s dam Thrunton Ellie is sired by the 15,000gns Carlisle supreme champion Burradon Talisman. He caught the eye of Messrs Strain, Ballantrae, Ayrshire, and was the first of three high priced lots to pass through the ring for breeders and exhibitors JHC Campbell and Sons, Alnwick, Northumberland.

Thrunton Nemo – 6,500gns

Next in the trade stakes for the Campbell’s at 6,500gns was Thrunton Nemo, an October 2017-born son of Thrunton Gladiator and Thrunton Francis, a 16,000gns Carlisle reserve intermediate champion Maerdy Cecil daughter who was purchased by Messrs Thomson, Kelty, Fife.

The Campbell family’s other high-priced lot sold just moments earlier for 6,000gns. The 19 month-old Thrunton Neapolitan, is a son of the 28,000gns Maerdy Jerusalem and the home-bred dam Thrunton Gretel who goes back to Thrunton Doubletop and took the fancy of RT Phaup and Partner, Cockburnspath, Berwickshire.

Westcarse Nimrod – 7,800gns

The first of three to be knocked down at 7,800gns was John Christie and Son’s Westcarse Nimrod from Stirling, Stirlingshire. Nimrod is by Mortimers Highlandfling and out of the Kersknowe Clansman-sired Westcarse Emily. In his first showing last year, the September 2017-born Nimrod was crowned senior and continental champion at the Stars of the Future show and James Moir takes him home to work in Keith, Banffshire.

Harestone Nelson – 7,800gns

Matching the 7,800gns price tag and snapped up by the Scottish Government, Inverness, was Harestone Nelson, a 19 month-old class winner, sired by the Irish-born Knockmahon Ireland and out of Harestone Emmanuel going back to the Highland show supreme champion Harestone Ronsard. He was bred and exhibited by Neil Barclay, Insch, Aberdeenshire.

Lochend Noelle -7,800gns

The other 7,800gns lot was Lochend Noelle, an October 2017-born son of the 8,000gns and popular AI bull, Blelack Blackberet and Lochend Jinglebell, who goes back to Mortimers Highlandfling. Noelle was purchased by W Young and Sons, Ochiltree, Ayrshire. His consigner Iain Millar, Port of Menteith, Stirlingshire, was another breeder having a lucrative day, going on to sell the youngest lot of the sale, the 15 month-old yellow ticket winner Lochend Orator for 7,200gns. Orator, who caught the eye of Messrs McCarlie, Harthill, Lanarkshire, is by Mortimers Highlandfling and out of Lochend Freedom, a Kersknowe Clansman daughter.

Lochend Orator – 7,200gns

Selling at 7,500gns was an entry from Major David and Nick Walter, Balthayock, Perthshire. Balthayock Neville who placed third in his class at the pre-sale show is sired by the homebred Balthayock Influence and his dam Balthayock Frolick is a daughter of the 10,000gns Balmyle Churchill. The August 2017-born Neville goes on to work in Kilbirn, Ayrshire for TRC Logan.

Balthayock Neville – 7,500gns

Next and the first of two to sell at 7,000gns was Kersknowe Neil from J Jeffrey, Kelson, Roxburgshire. G Wilson and Sons, Glenkindie, Aberdeenshire, were the last bidders standing on this 20-month-old son of the 16,000gns Burradon Insomniac and Kersknowe Hazel, a daughter of the 8,500gns Balnuith Carvalho.

Another class winner to bring 7,000gns when chapped down Glenkiln Farms, Crocketford, Dumfries-shire, was the blue ticket winner Inverlochy November. The Highland show champion Kilbline 1 Instigator son and November 2017-born November, was consigned by John and Raymond Irvine, Tomintoul, Banffshire and out of the 12,000gns Maerdy Eryr-sired Inverlochy Hyacinth.

Inverlochy November – 7,000gns

The class winner Overhill Nightrider was the next of the high-priced lots to sell. 6,500gns was the price that secured the 17 month-old Nightrider from exhibitor Richard McCulloch, Armadale, West Lothian. He is a son of the 25,000gns Stirling intermediate champion Inverlochy Ferdie and the Alwent Goldbar daughter Overhill Leska and Woodmill Farms, Dunshelt, Fife, were the purchasers.

Overhill Nightrider – 6,500gns

Two more bulls then achieved 6,000gns apiece; the first was an entry from Jim Muirhead of Arbroath, Angus. Firhills Nugget, a 20-month-old son of the 8,800gns Stirling reserve junior champion Ugie Echo and the 20,000gns Royal Welsh show supreme champion Maerdy Grenadier daughter Firhills Jane, was purchased by A McEwan, Arbroath, Angus.

The other to secure a price tag of 6,000gns was Hamish Goldie’s Goldies Nelson from Ruthwell, Dumfries-shire, who caught the eye of Messrs Orr, Cleghorn, Lanarkshire. This November 2017-born bull is a son of Goldies Formidable, whose sons have sold to 26,000gns and the Blelack Blackberet daughter, Goldies Irene.

Averages: 33 bulls £5,676.36
Auctioneers: United Auctions
Judge: David Thornley, Swadlincote, Derbyshire

April 30, 2019 Trefaldwyn Ore tops the Welshpool Charolais sale at 7,000gns

There was a strong commercial and pedigree demand for Charolais bulls at Welshpool on Saturday 27 April at the breed’s official spring sale. Bidding peaked at 7,000gns, 14 lots traded at 5,000gns and above and 45 lots sold to an average of £4004, an increase on last year of £8 with 13 more sold.

The sale topper at 7,000gns came from local breeder Arwel Owen, Welshpool, Powys. Trefaldwyn Ore, a March 2018-born Blelack Digger son out of Trefaldwyn Daffodil who goes back to Doonally New and had been awarded a red ticket at the presale show in the morning, was purchased by Ian Bell, Brampton, Cumbria.

Trefaldwyn Ore the Top price at 7,000gns

Two of the top lots were bred and consigned by the Barker family of Caylers Charolais, Nuthampstead, Hertfordshire, and were sold only minutes apart. The top priced was purchased by Messrs Clayton, Newtown, Powys, for 6,200gns and topped his class earlier in the day. Caylers Nissan a 17 month-old, the first son sold by the French born First is out of Caylers Lara, a 10,000gns Thrunton Goldeneye daughter. Their second, Caylers Nero, which sold just moments later for 5,800gns to RG Lewis, Caernarfon, Gwynedd, was also sired by First but this time out of Caylers Lily, another Goldeneye daughter.

Caylers Nissan at 6200gns

Caylers Nero at 5800gns

Just behind at 6,100gns was the February 2018-born Esgob Osian, offered for sale by Gareth Jones, Cwmtirmynach, Gwynedd. Osian who was tapped out second in class at the pre-sale show, caught the eye of D Jones who takes him home to work in Ceredigion. He is the first son to be sold by the 12,000gns Caylers Hustler from his 45 progeny born since joining the Esgob herd in October 2016, when he was purchased from the Blelack herd dispersal sale. His dam, Esgob Helen, is a daughter of the 26,000gns Carlisle junior champion Anside Excalibur.

Esgob Osian at 6100gns

Purchased at 6,000gns by JAV Mills and Sons, Builth Wells, Powys, was the 18 month-old Dooley Norris. Sired by National Show supreme champion Davally Igolo and out of the 15,000gns Goldies Dynamite-sired Dooley Leya. He was the only double Q bull in the sale, and was bred and exhibited by David Thornley, Hartshorne, Derbyshire.

Dooley Norris at 6000gns

Class winner Montgomery Nevile was next in the trade stakes at 5,800gns. Messrs Roberts and Jones, Welshpool, Powys, are the breeders of this August 2017-born bull, who was purchased by Messrs Stephens, Neath, West Glamorgan. The 9,000gns Balmyle Harlequin is the sire here, while his dam is Montgomery Eiddwen, a daughter of the French born Suzeringie.

Montgomery Neville at 5800gns

A trio of bulls sold for the next highest price of 5,500gns beginning with Montgomery Napoli, the day’s supreme champion, who was also offered for sale by the Roberts and Jones partnership. The 18 month-old Napoli is sired by the 8,000gns Carlisle supreme champion Gretnahouse Jugular, who has bred over 80 progeny into the herd since his purchase in 2016, while his dam Montgomery Lupin goes back to Balmyle Harlequin. He was purchased by Messrs Claridge, Middle Claydon, Buckinghamshire.

Montgomery Napoli the champion at 5500gns

Matching the 5,500gns price tag was Maerdy Northernboy, an entry from Flintshire Vet Esmor Evans of Mold. Another top priced bull awarded a red ticket by show judge Matthew Milne, he caught the eye of Jenny and John Rix, Nayland, Colchester. The 19 month-old Northernboy is out of Maerdy Gorgeousgirl who goes back to Veilleur and sired by Maerdy Figaro-w.

Maerdy Northernboy at 5500gns

Also knocked down at 5,500gns and this time selling to JT Abberley, Buith Wells, Powys, was Trefaldwyn Oxo. Sired by the 28,000gns Perth supreme champion Brampton Nacodar and out of Trefaldwyn Heidi who goes back to Blelack Digger, the aforementioned Arwel Owen was the breeder and exhibitor of the February 2018-born Oxo who placed third in his class.

Trefaldwyn Oxo at 5500gns

Next to purchase was JR Jones, Caernarvon, Gwynedd, and another of the above-mentioned Roberts & Jones’ entries was the one to take his fancy. The yellow ticket winning and 16 month-old Montgomery November, sired by Blelack Digger and out of Montgomery Ladysday, a Balmyle Harlequin daughter was knocked down sold for 5,300gns.

Montgomery Ovember at 5300gns

Making 5,200gns was Bob Roberts’ September 2017-born Brynffanigl Nero, from Ucha, Clwyd. The breeding here includes dam Brynffanigl Empress who goes back to the 17,000gns Alsnow Almighty and sire the 12,000gns Wesley Equinox. He goes on to work in Llanddeusant, Anglesey, for Mr T Williams.

Brynffanigl Nero at 5200gns

Next in the trade stakes at 5,100gns when he was purchased by J Roberts, Crucorney, Abergavenny, was the 17 month-old heifer’s calf Beanhill Nitro who had been placed second in his class in the pre-sale show. James and Belinda Kimber, Christian Malford, Wiltshire, are the breeders here, his sire is Wesley Equinox while his dam is Beanhill Lucy, a Blelack Digger daughter.

Beanhill Nitro at 5100gns

Two bulls sold for a ticket price of 5,000gns, the first was presented by the afore-mentioned Gareth Jones. The blue ticket winner and 19 month-old Esgob Navigator, who stayed local when snapped up by Messrs Davies who also hale from Cwmtirmynach, Gwynedd. Navigator is another by Caylers Hustler and his dam is the Anside Excalibur-sired Esgob Hyderus.

Esgob Navigator at 5000gns

The other 5,000gns lot was the reserve champion Maerdy Northwestwind from Esmor Evans. A bull with French lineage, his sire is Julienas and his dam is the T-Unisson-sired Maerdy Fission, the December 2017-born Northwestwind was purchased by Brian Nancekivell, Oakhampton, Devon.

Maerdy Northwestwind the reserve champion at 5000gns

Averages: 45 bulls: £4003.65; two heifers: £1,233.75; one cow and calf: £1,260.00
Auctioneers: Welshpool Livestock Sales
Show Judge: Matthew Milne, Elgin, Morayshire
Sponsor: KLF Insurance Brokers

April 12, 2019 Exeter Charolais top at 3,600gns

A small but high-quality offering of Charolais bulls saw a high of 3,600gns at the South West Charolais Association’s annual sale at Exeter on Friday 12th April, where the five bulls sold averaged £3,297.00.

Lewyd Onslow

Leading the bids at 3,600gns was an entry from 27 year-old Amy Wylde and her 24 year-old sister Hannah Wylde from Woolavington, Somerset. The girls who have been involved in the Charolais world since they were little with their fathers Marland herd, have only been selling their own bred cattle since last year and this is their first sale in the South West. Their bull Lewyd Onslow was the youngest forward at just 14 months old. Sired by Solo Llanhilleth and out of Martland Honey who goes back to Martland Felix, he was purchased by Barry Clarke, Exeter, Devon.

Trenestrall Nugget

Next in the trade stakes at 3,100gns was the May 2017-born Trenestrall Nugget who caught the eye of purchaser Messrs South, Brendon, North Devon, when he was tapped out second in his class at the pre-sale show. His dam is the Mortimers Cosmo daughter Trenestrall Henna and he is sired by the 8,000gns Edenhurst Idol. He was bred and exhibited by Will Palmer and Son, Truro, Cornwall.

Trenestrall Norush

Another from the Palmer’s to find a new home was the 22 month-old Trenestrall Norush, sired by Fairway Jazz and out of Trenestrall Gush, a 7,000gns Westcarse Beef daughter, he sold to Messrs Crane, Barnstaple, Devon for 3,000gns.

Maxworthy Norris

The last two bulls sold both matched the 3,000gns price tag. The first was Maxworthy Norris, an October 2017-born son of the 14,000gns Stirling junior champion Blelack Imperialist. D Paul Daniel, Maxworthy, Cornwall, consigner of the red ticket winning Norris who is out of the 22,000gns Newhouse Bigal daughter Thrunton Diva, handed over the halter to new owners Messrs Hawkins, Minehead, Somerset.

Lovistone Noble

The 16 month-old Lovistone Noble was the other 3,000gns lot. This blue ticket winner who was bred and exhibited by Brian Nancekivell and Son, Okehampton, Devon, is sired by the 18,000gns Thrunton Fairfax and is out of the homebred Lovistone Lochness who goes back to Balthayock Hamish. Nobel goes on to work for JF Norman in Barnstaple, Devon.

Louis Imp & Killerton Osaka

Heading up the female section was the reserve female champion Louis Imp, a Worcestershire-bred 2013-born cow consigned by Patrick Greed, Rewe, Exeter, who sold along with her eight month old heifer calf Killerton Osaka to Messrs Howard and Sons, Marsden, Wiltshire. Imp is bred out of Louis Dianthus and is sired by Thrunton Fitzroy while her daughter is sired by Alwent Goldbar.

Average: five bulls £3,297; four cow and calves £1,627.50; five heifers, £1,543.50
Auctioneers: Kivells

March 16, 2019 Napoleon takes charge at the Dungannon Charolais sale

Supreme Champion for Corrick Napoleon with Neil McILwaine & Ann McCorry, Danske Bank (Sponsor), Chris Curry BCCS & Judge Nigel Matchett – 8,000gns

There was a good trade for the Charolais at Dungannon on Friday 15 March at the Northern Ireland club official spring sale sponsored by Danske Bank. Bidding peaked at 8,000gns and 33 lots sold to an average of £3,379, £94 up on last year’s sale.

The sale topper at 8,000gns was the supreme champion from C & S McIlwaine, Newtownstewart, Co Tyrone, who also picked up the junior & male championship awards. The November 2017-born Corrick Napoleon, a son of the 25,000gns Stirling intermediate champion Inverlochy Ferdie and Corrick Hazel, who goes back to 9,000gns Balmoral supreme champion Goldies Carnival, was the star of the sale and the man with the final bid and taking him home to Belleek, Co Down, was Terence McGarrigle.

Next in the trade stakes was a 14 month-old entry from Andrew Wallace, Gubbacrock, Co Fermanagh, who was purchased by W Cousins, Omagh, Co Tyrone for 6,600gns. Newline Outstanding, a son of the 30,000gns Dingle Hofmeister and the Oldstone Egbert daughter Newline Ivy, was a class winner at the morning’s pre-sale show.

Newline Outstanding – 6,600gns

Micheal O’Gorman’s senior champion Bromich Nevel from Mullaghbawn, Co Down, was the first of two to go under the hammer at 4,200gns. This June 2017-born lad is sired by Crossmolina Euro, bred out of the Blakestown Brion-sired Tullyallen Elaine and took the fancy of T Aiken, Coleraine, Co Derry.

Senior Champion Bromich Nevel for Michael O’Gorman with Shane O’Gorman, Ann McCorry, Danske Bank (Sponsor), Chris Curry BCCS & Judge Nigel Matchett – 4,200gns

Matching the 4,200gns price tag when he was purchased by Messrs Boyd, Bushmills, Co Antrim, was the reserve supreme champion bull Derryharney Nipper who is a September 2017 born son of Doonally New and his dam Derryharney Lulu, a Clogher show junior heifer champion, is in turn sired by the Ballymena show champion Glenross Graham. He was bred and exhibited by Harold Stubbs and his grandson Alan Burleigh, Crummy, Co Fermanagh.

Derryharney Nipper – Reserve Supreme Champion – 4,200gns

Just behind at 4,100gns was another 14 month-old entry from the aforementioned Andrew Wallace who had been tapped out second in his class by show judge Nigel Matchett. Newline Oliver, who went home with S Taylor to Belfast is by Major and his dam is Ashleigh Hazel, a Pirate daughter.

The very next lot was chapped down to RW Gourley, Cookstown, Co Tyrone, for 4,000gns. The January 2018-born Slievemore Oisin who boasts an impressive pedigree being by the 25,000gns Stirling intermediate champion Inverlochy Ferdie and out of Burnside Izra, a daughter of the 16,000gns Stirling junior champion Clyth Diplomat, was bred and exhibited by Seamus Bradley, Plumbridge, Co Tyrone.

A pair of bulls sold for the next highest price of 3,800gns and the first was Brogher Nike, an October 2017-born, yellow ticket winning entry from Trevor Phair, Bellanaleck, Co Fermanagh. He was purchased by SA Britton. Dunamana, Co Tyrone, and the breeding here includes Blelack Blackberet on to the home-bred Brogher Fancygirl that goes back to Lyonsdemesne Tzar.

The other to sell at the 3,800gns price tag was Woodpark Nugget, a son Deeside Gulliver who has bred over 90 progeny into Will Short’s Beragh-based herd since his purchased in 2013. His dam Maerdy Inbred is a Welsh-bred daughter of the French born Froufrous and the 15 month-old Nugget goes on to work in Belfast for new owner ED Sherrard, Belfast.

Mr Short backed this up sale with another Deeside Gulliver son Woodpark Naples who made 3,500gns. C Monaghan, Cookstown, Co Tyrone, was the last man in on this May 2017-born bull whose dam is the home-bred Rumsden Tsar-sired Woodpark Evette.

The first of two knocked down for 3,600gns was Drumconnis Neptune, a May 2017-born entry from John McGrath, Dromore, Co Tyrone. His dam is the 15,000gns Goldies Dynamite daughter Blelack Fern, he is sired by the 12,000gns Caylers Hustler and he was purchased by Sean Mullin, Cookstown, Co Tyrone.

The other 3,600gns lot was entered for sale by Patrick Quigley, Bellanleck, Co Fermanagh and snapped up by Messrs Chesney, Kircubbin, Co Down. Rossavalley Navan, a November 2017-born lad whose sire is the 18,000gns Thrunton Fairfax, is out of Rossavalley Jill, a Blelack Digger daughter.

Just behind at 3,500gns was Harold Stubbs and Alan Burleigh’s Derryharney Nelson, a 17 month-old out of the Thrunton Bonjovi daughter Derryharney Imlucky. The man behind the money on this 10,000gns Stirling junior champion Goldies Icon son was J Fraser, Belfast.

Heading up the females which averaged £2484.30 for the three sold, was the reserve female champion Killadeas Natasha who fetched 3,000gns when she was knocked down sold to Stephen McGuiness, Greysteel, Co Derry. A 23 month-old heifer from Stuart & David Bothwell, Ballina Mallard, Co Fermanagh, she is out of Killadeas Gail who goes back to the 16,000gns Stirling supreme champion Blackford Dynamite and is sired by the Welsh bred Gwenog Braveheart.

Averages 33 bulls £3,379, 3 heifers £2,484.
Auctioneers: Dungannon Farmers Mart
Sponsor: Danske Bank
Judge: Nigel Matchett, Portadown.

Pictures to follow.

February 27, 2019 Increased demand for Charolais at Aberdeen

Strong commercial interest saw an increased demand for Charolais bulls at the Royal Northern Agricultural Society Spring Show on Wednesday 27 February. Bidding peaked at 9,500gns which was the highest price of the day across all breeds and 16 lots sold to an average of £4,463 with five more sold than last year and a clearance rate increase of 8% to 73%.

Society CEO Peter Phythian, was delighted with the sale “On the back of last week’s successful sale in the Spring round of the bull sales at Stirling, where Charolais sold the most bulls, had the highest average and best clearance rate, this just goes to prove that Charolais are still in demand despite the challenging market conditions. Obviously, as Charolais sired suckler calves are topping the markets on weight for age, with budgets tightened this year the suckler man wants a breed that will deliver the weights that the supermarkets demand in the shortest time, which is not only benefiting their pockets but also the environment”.

Bonnykelly Nominator – Top Price, Supreme & Charolais Champion – 9,500gns

The top two Charolais sellers making 9,500gns and 6,800gns respectively, both came from Robert Leggat, New Pitsligo, Aberdeenshire, who was already on a high after securing the breed and then the overall championship in the morning’s pre-sale show.

Both of the top lots were June 2017 born bulls sired by the 10,000gns Carlisle reserve intermediate champion Gretnahouse Ivory, who has bred almost 60 progeny into the Bonnykelly herd since his purchase in 2015, and both dams go back to the 9,000gns Newdeer Show champion Newhouse Challanger.

The highest priced at 9,500gns was the day’s overall champion Bonnykelly Nominator, bred out of Bonnykelly Freda, he goes on to work in Auchindoun, Banffshire, with winning bidders J and K Kellas. His shed mate Bonnykelly Nimrod who secured a price of 6,800gns from purchaser’s FJ Keir, Alford, Aberdeenshire, is out of Bonnykelly Heidi.

Logiestate Neil – Reserve Charolais Champion – 4,800gns

The reserve champion was next in the trade stakes at 4,800gns. Logiestate Neil, a 22 month old, who was presented for sale by AJR Farms, Ellon, Aberdeenshire, is sired by the 8,500gns Newdeer show male champion Goldies Golddust, while the dam is the 26,000gns Maerdy Amontillado-sired Craigieford Hermajest, he was purchased by M and I Steel, Banchory, Kincardinshire.

There were two 4,500gns sales, the first Elgin Navara, was purchased by JJ Gord, Wellheads, Aberdeenshire. The April 2017 born Navara had been tapped out second in his class at the pre-sale show for breeders and exhibitors Roy and Matthew Milne, Kennies Hillock, Morayshire. His dam Elgin Ianthe is a second calving daughter of the 12,000gns Caylers Gladiator and he is sired by the 11,000gns Woodpark Elgin, whose sons averaged 11,000gns at Stirling in October.

Westpitt Nevada – 4,500gns

Matching the 4,500gns price tag and this time exhibited by Andrew and James Gammie, Laurencekirk, Kincardineshire, was the 21 month old and red ticket winning Westpit Nevada. 30,000gns Balmyle Bollinger is the sire here and his dam is Gretnahouse Eigg who goes back to the 18,000gns Derryharney Outstanding. He was snapped up by C Smith, Lumphanan, Kincardinshire.

Strathys Navigator was the next highest priced at 4,400gns. A son of the 9,500gns Maerdy Harrypotter, who has bred well for exhibitor Mr K Mallarkey, adding almost 60 progeny into the Airdlin Mains, Aberdeenshire based herd. He travels on the Stenness, Orkney, with new owner WSL Muir, who took a liking to this April 2017 born lad bred out of the 12,000gns Mountjoy Eros daughter Strathys Isable.

Two yellow ticket winners from John Wilson and Sons, Glenkindle, Aberdeenshire, were both knocked down at 4,000gns. Kinclune Nimrod, who was purchased by GH Sinclair, Latheron, Caithness, was the first, a 23 month old sired by the 12,000gns Stirling supreme champion Goldies Ivan and out of first time mum Kinclune Joanna who goes back to the 20,000gns Carlisle supreme champion Beechtree George.

The second 4,000gns bull from the Wilson family was the 19 month old Kinclune Norman a son of the 20,000gns supreme Perth champion Thrunton Crownprince and Kinclune Ivy, who is also a Beechtree George daughter and was purchased by D Henderson, Lyth, Caithness.

Averages: 16 bulls £4,462.50
Auctioneers: Aberdeen and Northern Marts

February 20, 2019 Charolais lead the Spring trade

Charolais sold the most bulls, had the highest average and best clearance rate of the spring round of the Stirling bull sales. There were 121 bulls sold representing an 83.5% clearance, with bull sales topping at 13,000gns and averaging £6,063. The heifer prices peaked at 5,800gns, while the dispersal of the Alsnow herd saw prices of up to 8,500gns for cows and calves.

Chief Executive of the Charolais Society peter Phythain commented that he was “Absolutely delighted with the sale, despite all of the doom and gloom in the industry at the moment and the uncertainty over Brexit, Charolais once again proved to be the sire in most demand”.

The top priced bull was the class winning Thrunton Nugget, a May 2017 born son of the homebred pairing Thrunton Gladiator and Thrunton Hoopla, who goes back to Thrunton Doubletop. He was offered for sale by JHC Campbell & Sons and purchased by Kevin Thomas, Newcastle Emlyn, Carmarthenshire for 13,000gns.

Thrunton Nugget

The Campbell family went on sell a total of four bulls to average £9896.25 and their next highest priced at 10,000gns was the 16 month old Thrunton Nike, who is also sired by Thrunton Gladiator but this time out of the 22,000gns Newhouse Bigal daughter Thrunton Exquisite and purchased by AJ Maclean, Scarinish, Isle of Tiree.

Thrunton Nike

The Campbell’s other top seller Thrunton Nighthawk was snapped up by JW Hogg, Grifford, East Lothian, for 8,500gns. Nighthawk is a September 2017 born son of the 28,000gns Maerdy Jerusalem and Thrunton Gitane, a 20,000gns Perth supreme champion Moncur General daughter.

Thrunton Nighthawk

The presale senior champion was next in the trade stakes at 12,000gns. Inverlochy Nelson, a 21 month old, who was bred and exhibited by father and son team John and Raymond Irvine, Tomintoul, Banffshire, is sired by the Highland show supreme champion and Irish-born Kilbline 1 Instigator and out of Inverlochy Gypsum, a daughter of the Black Isle Show champion Lochend Apache. He goes on to work in Crawford, Lanarkshire, for Mr and Mrs JJ Wight.

Inverlochy Nelson

A trio of lots went under the hammer for the 11,000gns and the first was an entry from Alasdair Houston, Gretna Green, Dumfries-shire who caught the eye of T Smith and Son, Alford, Aberdeenshire, when he was tapped out first in his class at Monday’s pre-sale show. Gretnahouse Neverland, a June 2017 born son of Westcarse Jimmy, who has sired over 40 progeny in the herd since his purchase in 2016, is out of the Gretnahouse Ultimate daughter, Gretnahouse Daisy.

Gretnahouse Neverland

Mr Houston went on to sell another three bulls and averaged £8269 for the lot, with his next highest priced, the yellow ticket winner and June 2017 born Gretnahouse Nylon, also sired by Westcarse Jimmy and selling to H MacDonald, Advie, Morayshire for 8,500gns. He is bred out of Stobarts Fabulous, a 13,000gns Woodpark Bishop daughter.

Gretnahouse Nylon

Matching the 11,000gns price tag and this time selling to JG Wilson, Glenkindie, Aberdeenshire, was the 18 month old Harestone Nighthawk who had also secured a red ticket at the previous day’s show. His dam is Harestone Brigette who goes back to the Royal Highland show supreme champion Harestone Ronsard, he is sired by the 12,000gns Balmyle Addition and was bred and exhibited by R and N Barclay, Insch, Aberdeenshire.

Harestone Nighthawk

Goldies Navigation was another pre-sale show class winner purchased for 11,000gns, this time offered for sale by Hamish Goldie, Ruthwell, Dumfries-shire. An 18 month old son of the 15,000gns herd sire Gretnahouse Heman, who has bred over 120 progeny into the herd, Navigation is out of Goldies Hazel, a 12,000gns Goldies Elation daughter. GA Mackie, Rescobie, Angus, was the purchaser.

Goldies Navigation

Up next and knocked down at 10,500gns was the blue ticket winner and September 2017 born Killadeas Noah from Stuart and David Bothwell, Ballina Mallard, co Fermanagh. Purchased by J Warnock, Broughton, Lanarkshire, he is sired by Blelack Blackberet and his dam is Killadeas Hazeline, a daughter of the 16,000gns Stirling supreme champion Blackford Dynamite.

Killadeas Noel

The aforementioned Hamish Goldie, who sold a total of 13 to average £7083, was the first to sell one of five 9,500gns priced lots, also sired by Gretnahouse Heman. This one was knocked down sold to A and J Wilson, Culsalmond, Aberdeenshire who bid off the competition to secure the class winning Goldies Nugget, a 20 month old out of Blelack Blackberet daughter Goldies Gilly.

Goldies Nugget

Mr Goldie went on to sell another 9,500gns lot, the 15 month old Goldies Noelle. This time sired by the homebred Goldies Formidable and out of another Blackberet daughter – Goldies Eclair, he was purchased by Adrian Ivory, Meigle, Perthshire.

Goldies Noelle

The next 9,500gns lot was one of 17 bulls presented by Major Walter, Balthayock, Perthshire, which averaged £6850. Balthayock Nominee who was purchased by CD Timm, Appleton Roebuck, Yorkshire. Sired by the homebred and 64 time father Balthayock Impression, the June 2017 born Nominee is out of Balthayock Japonica who goes back to Barbican Lancer.

Balthayock Nominee

The reserve supreme and intermediate champion was also offered for sale by the Major. Balthayock Nanook, a 19 month old son of Highland show champion Balthayock Imp who has previously sold sons to 19,000gns and Barbican Lancer daughter Balthayock Gemma, goes on to work in Dundee for WJ Millar of Tealing, who purchased him for 9,500gns.

Balthayock Nanook

The Major’s other two top priced lots both commanded bids of 8,500gns, the first being a May 2017 born blue ticket winner who was purchased by CA Smith, Tarland, Aberdeenshire. Balthayock Newton is again sired by Balthayock Imp but this time out of Balthayock Heloise who goes back to Swalesmoor Cracker. The second was the June 2017 born Balthayock Nuffield, out of another Cracker daughter – Balthayock Heroine, he is sired by the Royal Welsh show and 20,000gns Maerdy Grenadier and sold to Shanry Farms, Rait, Perthshire.

Balthayock Newton

Balthayock Nuffield

The last 9,500gns bull was Woodpark Neptune, an 18 month old by the Irish-bred Deeside Guillver who has gone on to add 94 progeny to the British herd book. His dam Woodpark Izzy is in turn sired by the 19,000gns Perth reserve junior champion Corrie Alan and he came all the way from Beragh, Co Tyrone with breeder and exhibitor Will Short to go home with D Munro, Kingussie, Inverness-shire.

Woodpark Neptune


Main sale females topped at 5,800gns for the twelve month old Formakin Opal from the McMurrich Partnership, Causewayhead, Stirlingshire. Sired by the French-bred Hercule and out of the Balthayock Matthew daughter and Stars of the Future class winner Formakin Licorice, she was purchased by the Rettie partnership.


Hamish Goldie also had heifers for sale, the highest priced of which made 4,500gns when she was purchased by DP Daniel, Maxworthy, Cornwall, who also went on to buy another of Mr Goldies lots for 3,800gns. The 23 month old Goldies Nell was the first, a Blelack Blackberet daughter out of Goldies Lynn, who in turn is sired by the 15,000gns Gretnahouse Heman. Which was followed by the female champion Goldies Nina who is a March 2017 born daughter of the 14,000gns Goldies Joss and Goldies Jollygood.

Goldies Nina

Alsnow Herd Dispersal

The sale featured the dispersal of the Alsnow herd of Alan R Lawson & Son whose females sold to a top price of 8,500gns for Alsnow Enchantress and her female calf at foot Alsnow Olwen. Enchantress has produced two RHS class winning daughters and is sired by Blelack Roger, while her dam is Alsnow Victoria who goes back to the 25,000gns Perth supreme champion Thrunton Socrates. Her daughter five month old Olwen is sired by Blelack Immaculate and the set were purchased by the above mentioned N and R Barclay, who went on to purchase another of the Lawson family’s lots.

Their next highest priced lot sold in a two-way split at a total of 6,800gns, with the 2014 born cow Alsnow Jazzygirl heading on to Hexham, Northumberland with G Grieve, while her April 2018 born bull calf Alsnow Oscar was sold to FR Walton, Morpeth, Northumberland. The triple calving Jazzygirl is a daughter of the 10,000gns Puntabrava Federico and out of a Blelack Roger daughter Alsnow Dixie and Oscar is sired by Alsnow Hurricane.

Just behind at 6,500gns was the cow and seven month old bull calf outfit Alsnow Hanna and Alsnow Oak. NA Wattie was the purchaser of the pair and takes them home to his Aberdeenshire unit. Hannah, a 2012 lass by the 16,000gns Stirling junior champion Clyth Diplomat is out of the aforementioned Enchantress and her son is sired by Cottage Devon.

Averages: 121 bulls £6,063; 14 heifers £3,906; 13 Alsnow cow and calves £5161; one Alsnow heifer £1,700gns.
Auctioneers: United Auctions


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