October 5, 2017 New Zealand Charolais Tour

Charolais Breeders NZ are holding a 4WD tour in Southland, New Zealand from 5th-8th March 2018.

Get a feel for the working high-country farms and in the south, see the transition from the rock and the tawny brown of the high country as it gives way quite suddenly to the lush gree bountiful pastures of Southland.

South-drive hire is avaliable or it can be arranged for you to travel with someone else.

For more information please click on the links below or contact Lindy Lawrence at Charolais Breeders NZ office: lindy@pbbnz.com.

Charolais NZ Herd Tour Ad A5

Charolais NZ Herd Tour Itinerary A5

Charolais NZ Herd Tour Rego Form A5

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