August 1, 2023 Charolais Youth Stock Judging Final 2023

The Charolais Youth Stock Judging Final 2023 was a great success thanks to the kindness and hard work of our hosts, Peter and Sheelagh Donger, the Donger family, and their team. Seawell Farms welcomed 40 promising young people to take part in the National Charolais Youth Stock Judging Finals on Sunday 2nd July 2023.

A huge thanks also goes to our Master Judges, Tracey Nicoll and Iain Millar, who worked with our competitors on the day, as well as our Stewards Ben Harman and Allen Drysdale, who hosted excellent presentations on herd management and development, including a great Q&A session on Breedplan EBVs.

The competition was open to young people from ages 8-28, being split into Junior (age 8-13), Intermediate (age 14-19), and Senior (age 20-28) classes.

This was the first event with our Harbro sponsors who are backing the Charolais Youth Programme as part of a three-year commitment to assist young farming enthusiasts getting started in agriculture. On the day, representatives Jill Hunter and Michael Richardson worked with our youth competitors to help broaden their knowledge on practical nutrition and the health management of a herd.

The prizes each competitor sought to win included tickets to the Charolais International Youth Congress in Ireland for the Seniors, British Charolais official merchandise, and of course a range of trophies for all winners and runners up!

Our Guess the Weight Competition on the day was won by Junior Competitor, Conor Phair from Northern Ireland.

A huge congratulations goes to all our competitors who represent a bright future for British Charolais, the results were as follows:

For the Cockerington Perpetual trophy

Junior Winner – Conor Phair, Northern Ireland

Junior Runner Up – Evie Wilcox, North East

Junior Third Place – Thomas Hitchen, North East

For the Alwent Perpetual trophy & ticket to National Show

Intermediate Winner – Gregor Milne, Scotland

Intermediate Runner Up – Mollie Cochrane, Northern Ireland & Bradley Trewin, South West

Intermediate Third Place – Molly Bradley, Northern Ireland

For the Houston Perpetual trophy & ticket to Charolais International

Senior Winner – Kelly Stott, Borders

Senior Runner Up – Lois Scott, Scotland

Senior Third Place – Tom Brown, North East

For the Fairway Perpetual Trophy

Pairs Winner – Charlotte Hitchen, North East & Tom Brown, North East

Pairs Runner Up – Kelly Stott, Borders & Robert Stott, Borders

Pairs Third Place – Ben McSporran, Scotland & Edward Scott, Scotland

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