June 1, 2019 Balmoral Show 2019 Results

The Charolais Supreme Championship at this year’s Balmoral Show went to the day’s female champion, the January 2017-born Elgin Nancy.  A recent purchase by exhibitor Patrick Gallagher, who bought her home to Maghera from the Morayshire based herd of Roy and Matthew Milne. She is sired by the 11,000gns Woodpark Elgin while her dam the Highland show class winning Elgin Electra goes back to the French born Harestone Tyrol. Nancy was much admired for her power and presence in the show ring and she went to take Honourable Mention in the contest for Interbreed Champion.

Standing reserve to both Charolais Champion titles was Susan & Jack Smyth’s homebred Bessiebell Nana from Magheracolton.  A 22 month-old daughter of the Stirling intermediate champion Derryharney Jumbo and the Doonally New-sired Dungannon female champion Aghyoule Finoula.  This young heifer is sure to have a successful future.

Judge in the Charolais section was Archie McGregor the current President of British Charolais Cattle Society who hails from Glasgow.  He needs no introduction across the pedigree and commercial cattle world, from the Allanfauld herd, he has had a very successful breeding and showing career.

The Charolais breed took the Reserve Champion spot in the Linden foods Beef Groups consisting of Susan & Jack Smyth’s Bessiebell Nana, David & Shirley Bothwell’s Killadeas Olaf and WD & JA Connolly’s Brigadoon Olivia.  They were an excellent young team that represented the breed very well.

There was no doubting the quality on show for the Charolais breed this year, with the Charolais male champion going on to take the title of the Fane Valley Interbreed Beef Performance Bull Champion from D & S Bothwell with Killadeas Olaf, sired by Battleford Laser and out of Killadeas Dainty, a Dunlon Ulick daughter.

WD & JA Connolly took reserve championship in the Ulster Bank Interbreed exhibitors bred pairs with Brigadoon Nyoka and Brigadoon Nigella.  These excellent two year-old heifers where both sired by Goldies Icon, who also sired the Brigadoon herd’s junior female champion Brigadoon Olivia.

There was a huge level of interest in the Charolais breed across the four days of the show, with visitors complimenting the high levels of quality across the classes, and many breeders spending significant time at the ringside and in the cattle lines.  The club also attracted much discussion at the breed stand where they were attracted by a superb Charolais beef display from the Marquess Family Butchers, Muckamore, Antrim.

The club is indebted to the breeders for bringing out such a fine display of cattle, the British Charolais Society, the section sponsor and the RUAS; their staff and many committees and sub-groups, as well as the farming press for all their hard work in rolling out the Balmoral Showcase.

We wish all members well on the local show circuit with the next date on the calendar for the club is the NI National Charolais Championship and the 2019 Charolais National Youth Stock Judging Final both to be held at Clogher Valley show on 31st July 2019.  For more information contact Club Secretary Eilis Kelly or Club Chairman David Connolly.

Class 599 – Cow, born before 01/01/2016, in milk or in calf
1st – Gail Matchett – Tawny Jasmine – s Doonally New
2nd – WD & JA Connolly – Wesley Glamarous – s. Balthayock Aesop

Tawny Jasmine

Class 600 – Cow or Heifer, in milk orin calf born in 2016
1st – Robert McWilliams – Stranagone Monalisa – s. Stranagone Jones
2nd – WD & JA Connolly – Brigadoon Milan – s. Brigadoon Himself
3rd – Andrew McCammond – Crossane Mia – s. Alwent Goldbar

Stranagone Monalisa

Class 601 – Heifer, born on or after 01/01/2017and on or before 30 June 2017
1st – Patrick Gallagher – Elgin Nancy – s. Woodpark Elgin
2nd – Gail Matchett – Summervilla Niki – s. Cavelands Fenian
3rd – Steven O’kane – Gallaran Nicole – s. Rumsden Fawkes

Elgin Nancy

Class 602 Heifer, born on or after 01/07/2017 and on or before 31/12/2017
1st – Susan Smyth – Bessiebell Nana – s. Derryharney Jumbo
2nd – Gail Matchett – Limekiln Nicole – s. Panama
3rd – Andrew McCammond – Crossane Nora – s. Tullygarley Alibaba

Bessiebell Nana

Class 603 – Heifer, born on or after 01/01/2018
1st – WD & JA Connolly – Brigadoon Olivia– s. Goldies Icon
2nd – Jeremy Paynter – Drumilly Overjoyed – s. Invictus
3rd – Joseph Wilson – Ballinlare Olive – s. Harestone Jackson

Brigadoon Olivia

Class 604– Bull born on or before 1/1/2018
1st – Will Short – Blelack Marmaduke – s. Oak church Igor
2nd – J McGrath – Sportsman Monarch – s. Barnsford Ferny

Blelack Marmaduke

Class 605 – Bull born on or after 1/1/2018 and on or before 31/3/2018
1st – WD & JA Connolly – Brigadoon Oskar – s. Wesley Equinox
2nd – Will Short – Woodpark Oak – s. Deeside Gulliver
3rd – Leanne Titterington – Cherryvalley Olympus – s. Chic

Brigadoon Oskar

Class – 606 – Bull born on or after 1/4/2018
1st – David Bothwell – Killadeas Orlando – s. Battleford Laser
2nd – David Bothwell – Killadeas Olaf – s. Battleford Laser
3rd – T O’Neill – Glenramble Orson – s. Dooley Lewis

Killadeas Orlando

Class 607 Group of Three Animals
1st WD & JA Connolly
2nd Edgar Johnston
3rd Gail Matchett

Group of Three

Supreme & Female Champion
Patrick Gallagher – Elgin Nancy – s. Woodpark Elgin
Reserve Supreme & Reserve Female Champion
Susan Smyth – Bessiebell Nana – Derryharney Jumbo

Supreme & Female Champion & Reserve

Senior Female Champion
Gail Matchett – Tawny Jasmine – s. Doonally New

Senior Female Champion Tawny Jasmine

Junior Female Champion
W D & J A Connolly – Brigadoon Olivia – s. Goldies Icon
Reserve Junior Female Champion
Jeremy Paynter – Drumilly Overjoyed – s. Invictus

Brigadoon Olivia

Overall Male Champion & Junior Male Champion
David Bothwell – Killadeas Orlando – s. Battleford Laser
Reserve Male Champion
Will Short – Blelack Marmaduke – s. Oakchurch Igor
Reserve Junior Male Champion
David Bothwell – Killadeas Olaf – s. Battleford Laser

Junior Male & Reserve Junior Male Champions

Linden Foods Beef Groups Reserve Champions
Susan Smyth – Bessiebell Nana, David Bothwell – Killadeas Olaf & WD & J A Connolly – Brigadoon Olivia

Linden Foods Interbreed Reserve Champions

Fane Valley Interbreed Beef Performance Bull Champion
David Bothwell – Killadeas Orlando – s. Battleford Laser

Killadeas Orlando

Ulster Bank Interbreed Exhibitor Bred Pairs
Reserve Champions WD & JA Connolly – Brigadoon Nevada & Brigadoon Nigella

Linden Foods Interbreed Show Team Award Champions
WD & J A Connolly – Brigadoon Charolais

Linden Foods Interbreed Show Team Award Champions

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