November 11, 2022 Welshpool Sale 10th November 2022

Sermon Leads The Way At Welshpool

Judge: David Mackenzie
Shadow Judge: Edward Robinson

The 2022 Autumn sale season drew to a close on Friday 10th November with the annual show and sale held at Welshpool Livestock Sales. Seven strong classes of bulls were judged by the discerning eye of David Mackenzie of the Thurso herd, along with his shadow judge Edward Robinson. A total of 41 bulls and 3 females sold over the course of the day, with bulls reaching an average price of £4582.87 with a 76% clearance.

Maerdy Sermon, sold for 8,000gns

The top price of the day was 8,000gns, and was attained by 16-month-old Maerdy Sermon from the well-known Maerdy herd of D E Evans in Flintshire. Sermon has quite the impressive pedigree, being sired by the 18,000gns Goldies Linford, and going back to the 26,000gns Maerdy Hearthrob on his dam’s side. Securing the final bid for this young lad was T N Lightfoot of Callington, Cornwall.

Montgomery Saturn, sold for 7,000gns

The hammer came down twice for the next highest price of 7,000gns, firstly for Montgomery Saturn from Roberts & Jones in Welshpool. This impressive 18-month-old is out of Montgomery Marged, a daughter of Balmyle Harlequin, and he was sired by former Carlisle Supreme Champion Gretnahouse Jugular. Winning the bid for Saturn was R Jones & Son, who will be taking him home to Brecon, Powys.

Esgob Simon, sold for 7,000gns

Also selling for 7,000gns was 16-month-old Esgob Simon, bred by G M Jones of Bala, Gwynedd. Simon was sired by Caylers Hustler, who was purchased for 12,000gns at the Blelack herd dispersal in 2016. His dam Esgob Nesta goes back to the 26,000gns Anside Excalibur. The successful bidder for this young bull was R Williams, based in Pwllheli, Gwynedd.

Montgomery Strong, sold for 6,500gns

Two bulls managed to reach the next highest price of 6,500gns – the first of these was another from Roberts & Jones: Montgomery Strong. Like Saturn, Strong was also sired by Gretnahouse Jugular and is out of another Balmyle Harlequin daughter: Montgomery Mair. H J Middleton won the bid for this 18-month-old, and he will be joining them on their holding in Bucknell, Shropshire.

Hendy Striker, Reserve Overall Champion, sold for 6,500gns

The day’s Reserve Overall Champion Hendy Striker also sold for 6,500gns. This 18-month-old was bred by J A W Rees of the Hendy herd in Powys, and he was sired by the Irish-born Lisnagre Nero. Striker’s dam is Hendy Jolene, a daughter of Sandelford Gucci. This stylish bull caught the eye of J E & S J Roberts, who will be introducing him to their local herd in Welshpool, Powys.

Castellmawr Star, sold for 6,000gns

A total of three bulls sold for the next highest price of 6,000gns, the first being 18-month-old Castellmawr Star from A & M Williams of Pwllheli, Gwynedd. Star is out of Castellmawr Meg, a daughter of the Irish-born Goldstar Gentleman, and he was sired by Caylers Olympus. Star will be heading over to his new home in Knighton, Powys, courtesy of winning bidder A J & J A Powell.

Esgob Star, Overall Champion, sold for 6,000gns

Also selling for 6,000gns was the day’s Overall Champion Esgob Star – another from G M Jones’ Esgob herd. A brother to Simon, Star was also sired by Caylers Hustler, while his dam Esgob Maddie is a daughter of the renowned Blelack Digger. This impressive 18-month-old was purchased by G Parry of Holyhead, Anglesey.

Montgomery Sphinx, sold for 6,000gns

The final bull to secure a 6,000gns price was Montgomery Sphinx from Roberts & Jones. Like his brothers, Sphinx was also sired by Gretnahouse Jugular. His dam Montgomery Hindle is a daughter of the 30,000gns Dingle Hofmeister. Winning the bid for this young 16-month-old was J D & M R Buckley, who are based locally in Welshpool, Powys.

Waldencourt Sunnyboy, sold for 5,500gns

Finally, two young bulls sold for the next top price of 5,500gns. The first of these to sell was 15-month-old Waldencourt Sunnyboy from Waldencourt Charolais’ herd in Newent, Gloucestershire. This young lad goes back to Blelack Digger via his dam Waldencourt Jessie, and he was sired by the 14,000gns Westcarse Houdini. Sunnyboy will be making the journey over to Shrewsbury, Shropshire, under the care of successful bidder D P & M A Jones.

Maerdy Sobin, sold for 5,500gns

Also selling for 5,500gns was Maerdy Sobin, a 15-month-old bull from D E Evans. Sobin was sired by the French-born Maerdy Offenback, and his dam Maerdy Owl is a daughter of the 10,000gns Blelack Fabulous. This strapping young bull is sure to go on to perform well for his new owners D G & M Owen of Llandrindod Wells, Powys.

Show Results:

Class 1 – BULL, born on or between 16 January & 14 March 2021
1st – Waldencourt Charolais – Waldencourt Statesman – s. Westcarse Houdini
2nd – A & H Wylde – Lewyd Silver – s. Balthayock Musketeer
3rd – T J Stacey & Sons – Penhargard Sillybilly – s. Simontorp Marabou Av
4th – P M & S M Donger – Seawell Sentinal – s. Maerdy Option

Class 2 – BULL, born on or between 16 March & 11 April 2021
1st – A & M Williams – Castellmawr Star – s. Caylers Olympus
2nd – Roberts & Jones – Montgomery Selwyn – s. Gretnahouse Jugular
3rd – R S & S M Hopper – Penfound Smarty – s. Balbithan Nairn
4th – P M & S M Donger – Seawell Spitfire – s. Balthayock Manifesto

Class 3 – BULL, born on or between 14 & 23 April 2021
1st – Roberts & Jones – Montogmery Saturn – s. Gretnahouse Jugular
2nd – Roberts & Jones – Montgomery Strong – s. Gretnahouse Jugular
3rd – P M & S M Donger – Seawell Siberia – s. Balthayock Jonathan
4th – A Orr-Ewing – Foxacre Septimus – s. Graiggoch Lad

Class 4 – BULL, born on or between 25 April & 20 May 2021
1st – G M Jones – Esgob Star – s. Caylers Hustler
2nd – J A W Rees – Hendy Striker – s. Lisnagre Nero
3rd – Roberts & Jones – Montgomery Sofren – s. Gretnahouse Jugular
4th – J A W Rees – Hendy Saul – s. Lisnagre Nero

Class 5 – BULL, born on or between 28 May & 23 June 2021
1st – J S Abel – Belan Samson – s. Tweeddale Marcus
2nd – R A Owen – Trefaldwyn Sargeant – s. Oakchurch Maximus
3rd – S M Corbett & Daughters – Teme Solo – s. Barnsford Ferny
4th – D E Evans – Maerdy Sedric – s. Maerdy Gouverneur

Class 6 – BULL, born on or between 25 June & 12 July 2021
1st – D E Evans – Maerdy Sermon – s. Goldies Linford
2nd – D E Evans – Maerdy Swel – s. Goldies Linford
3rd – D E Evans – Maerdy Sport – s. Maerdy Neverdiere
4th – K J Thomas – Moelfre Shadrach – s. Thrunton Nugget

Class 7 – BULL, born on or after 13 July 2021
1st – Waldencourt Charolais – Waldencourt Sunnyboy – s. Westcarse Houdini
2nd – D E Evans – Maerdy Sobin – s. Maerdy Offenback
3rd – T W Cox – Bleaklow Sherman – s. Woodpark Elgin
4th – J A W Rees – Hendy Solomon – s. Lisnagre Nero

Class 8 – HEIFER, born on or after 11 January 2021
1st – R J Butler – Carrigbeg Sweetie – s. Blelack Digger
2nd – R J Butler – Carrigbeg Sunday – s. Davally Illusion
3rd – J C Bostock & Son – Roundshill Sormer – s. Roundshill Osty

Overall Championship – Overall best bull from Classes 1-7
Champion – G M Jones – Esgob Star – s. Caylers Hustler
Reserve – J A W Rees – Hendy Striker – s. Lisnagre Nero

Female Championship – Overall best heifer from Class 8
Champion – R J Butler – Carrigbeg Sweetie – s. Blelack Digger
Reserve – R J Butler – Carrigbeg Sunday – s. Davally Illusion

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