November 10, 2021 Virtual Charolais Youth Stockjudging Competition 2021

With many agricultural shows being postponed, or operating with limited attendance, the Society’s regular Charolais Youth Final at the Great Yorkshire Show sadly could not go ahead this year. Instead, the Society held a Virtual Charolais Youth Stockjudging Competition online, open to any participants from ages 8 to 26.

The competition involved watching videos of bulls being paraded and placing them in the participants’ preferred order. The top 5 from each age group would then attend a Zoom meeting with Master Judge Neil Blyth to explain their reasons for their placements.

Neil was incredibly impressed with the young judges, stating:
“It’s been an honour to judge this competition. The quality of the competitors has been really high, and I would like to congratulate everyone who made it through to the final heat on a fantastic effort. It was really pleasing to listen to their placing and reasons, they all performed far better than I could have ever imagined. The future is certainly looking bright with this batch of young breeders coming on!”

The final results for each age group (Junior, Intermediate, Senior) are as follows, with points scored out of a maximum of 150:

Junior (age 8-14)

13-year-old Gregor Milne, 1st place Junior Class winner

1st place: Gregor Milne, age 13, with a total of 144 points
2nd place: George Armstrong, age 12, with a total of 139 points
3rd place: Iona Mallarkey, age 10, with a total of 132 points

Intermediate (age 15-18)

18-year-old Molly Bradley, 1st place Intermediate Class winner

1st place: Molly Bradley, age 18, with a total of 147 points
2nd place: Katie-Anna Scott, age 16, with a total of 140 points
3rd place: Leah Rainey, age 16, with a total of 132 points

Senior (age 19-26)

23-year-old Lois Scott, 1st place Senior Class winner

1st place: Lois Scott, age 23, with a total of 146 points
2nd place: Bartley Finnegan, age 23, with a total of 144 points
3rd place: Donald Maclean, age 23, with a total of 138 points

The 1st place winners of each group will receive 2 tickets to a 2022 agricultural show of their choosing, a customised British Charolais Cattle Society jacket, and a certificate. The 2nd place runners-up will each receive a British Charolais Cattle Society jacket, a keyring, and a certificate. Finally, those in 3rd place will receive a Charolais keyring and certificate.

Congratulations to all of our prize winners, and a massive thank-you to all who entered the competition. We are working closely with co-ordinator Annabelle Howell to bring you more exciting competitions in the future – watch this space!

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