July 18, 2019 Charolais Making The Headlines In Commercial Markets

Report by Annabelle Howell

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Top Price of the day on Thursday the 13th June was £1310 for a Charolais Bullock from Louise and Alice Allan, Arnsow or 233.2p for a pen of Charolais Bullocks off Mossend, Ayr. Furthermore, Heifers Peaked at £1300 for a Tremendous Charolais Heifer from Louise Allan or 227.9p for a Charolais Heifer off Creagraineach, Arran.

At the weekly primestock sale, (Tuesday 18th June) Prime Cattle sold to a Top Price of £1396 for a Charolais Heifer Consigned by Dykes Farm.

Out of the 85 calves forward, Bull calves topped the trade, at £460 for a Charolais Cross from J Gilvear, Graystale. In the fat section, Heifers were topped by a Charolais releasing 229ppk from Messers Young, Girvan Mains. Top Price of £1200 was seen for a cast Charolais Cow off Messrs Young, and Cast bulls were traded at a top of £1360.

Bullocks Topped at £1100 for a Charolais off Helentongate. Top priced PPK heifer was also a Charolais at 216.7p from West Enoch.

136 cast cows sold under the hammer on Tuesday 2nd July was topped by a Charolais cow, releasing £1380 Cow off Messrs Heath, Blair Farm, Barrhill or reaching 166.3p for the same Cow.

Bakewell Market – Bagshaws
With 168 store cattle sold, and Charolais were once again found amongst the top prices. A ten-month Charolais from PE Yates commanded a great price of £895 in the steers. In the heifers, 23-month Charolais attracted £1025 whilst in the calves, Charolais x bulls made £355. The following sale on the 15th July commanded a 150ppk bid for a barren Charolais cow weighing 798kgs (grossing £1197) from M Gregory, and 138ppk for a 730kg cow from the same home. Charolais bull calves topped the calf section, selling to a solid £405.

Bentham Auction Mart
BAM’s special sale of Farmers Stirks held on the 18th June proved demand for Charolais types to bring on and farm at the producer, with CH steers making £750, CH bulls making £710, and heifers making £635.

At the weekly primestock sale, held on Monday 3rd June, saw cast cows topped by Mr David Holliday, Rashfield sold an outstanding Charolais cow for 954kg at 167.5p which came to a total of £1597.

The store sale which accumulated just short of 1000 cattle on Wednesday the 12th of June was topped at £1285 for a marvellous pen of 3 Charolais x bullocks which were brought forward by L E Grice & Son, Newtown Farm, Carlisle.

The Weekly store sale of 585 cattle saw Steers topped at a high of £1215 for a Charolais cross from Messrs Kyle, Spoutbank, Brampton and £1200 from Messrs Brough, Clappers, Wigton.

Dingwall Auction Marts
Charolais Heifers accumulated top prices at Dingwall and Highland Marts weekly prime stock sales, reaching 216ppk for a 505kg handy weight Charolais cross from Easter Sheeppark.

Charolais cross heifers reached 605kgs and grossed up to £1264.45 from Bridgend Farm, releasing 209ppk.

The following sale also saw prime Charolais cross heifers grossing £1242.30, and reaching 205ppk.

Exeter Livestock Market – Kivells
There was a good entry for time of year with 118 prime and barren cattle present. Barren cows sold to a high of 141ppk for a Charolais for T & M Snell.

There were 253 store cattle and stirks on the premises, with Charolais well sought after.  A well bred run of Charolais stores from J Cole & Son had 19 month steers sell well into the £1145 mark, and heifers reaching £980. 18-month Charolais types from T Mears sold to £1060   and yearlings from A Stanbury made £900.  7-month-old Charolais stirks reached £660, and Charolais x calves sold for up to £290, just chasing the BB’s tails.

We saw super 3-week old Charolais cross heifer calves nearly push that £300 mark, with the top selling for £295, whilst the best Charolais cross bull calf flew ahead and bagged £400. Bull calves averaged a super £357 and heifer calves averaged a strong £276, showing the demand for Charolais crossed on dairy.  The store sale on the 14th saw 25-month Charolais reach £1140 for M Tooze and younger 14 month bullocks reach a £950 for J Cole, whilst his 14 month heifers made £775.

Friday 28th June saw 25 month Charolais heifers top to a super £1135 from S & R Partridge whilst a bullock from the same home released £1060. Charolais x Dairy once again sold into the £300 mark.

Best yearling Charolais steers sold on the 5th July sold for a respectable price of £880 whilst heifers from the same home (B Ellett) sold for £715. 20-month old heifers sold for £965.

This week once again saw Charolais topping demand, with strong 25 month steers selling for £1280 from P & P Keast whilst their slighty younger lots pushed into the £1205 mark. Heifers were also headed by Charolais, with a strong 24m heifer from P & P Keast again selling for £1080. Just behind south devons, young Charolais steers sold for £670 apiece in the stirks.

Hexham Auction Marts
Hexham Auction Mart held its weekly sale of 123 Store Cattle on Friday 21st June that included its monthly sale of native breeds. Charolais heifers in the 23-30 months of age region sold for £1060 from M/s AR White whilst younger (11-17months) Charolais Steers peaked at £870 and heifers releasing £900, both from Risehead.

The last store sale of the month saw a powerful Charolais cross bred steer at 20 months from Willie Woodman, Great Chesters, selling for £1190.

The Friday sale saw Charolais once again achieving premium prices in the store section. A square Charolais cross bullock (11-16 months) from Anthony White, Low Staples, Hexham made £1040. The same vendor then sold two others on the day at £1010 and £1005. Cattle at 17-22 months were topped at £920 from Ogle Dene, and Older heifers (23-30 months) from Farnamullan topped their age section at £900. Furthermore, Charolais cow and calf outfits reached £1430 from Amerside Law.

Huntly Auction Mart
The Thursday sale saw 56 store and OTM cattle sold, with Charolais X in high demand. Charolais cross heifers sold to a top of £930 from Clerkseat and Charolais cross OTMS topped at £1300 from Badentoul.

Monmouthshire Livestock Market
There was an entry of 44 stirks forward, of which RT Watkins topped the heifers at £740 with 9 month Charolais with others at £690, £675 & £670.  R Bassett & O Scrivens sold to £655 and SE Bassett to £650 (Blue & Char X, 12m). There was a show of 214 store cattle forward, trade held up well due to the lesser number compared to recent weeks.  The well fleshed forward cattle continue to meet strong demand, cattle which are small for their age hard to place, but all found new homes.  Feeding steers to £1275 (645kg-23m) for Charolais crosses from TG, D & JL James. RA Bennetts sold Charolais crosses to £1265 (640kg-24m) followed by £1255 (770kg-30m) from the same home. In the feeding heifers, Charolais crosses reached £1080 (540kg, 24 months) from RA Bennetts, Penhow.

In the store bull section, this week saw a larger than usual entry of 20 bulls but lacking overall quality forward today to a top of £890 for a CharolaisX (15m) from JA Wyatt. EH & RL Leyshon sold Charolais X steers (11m) to £835.

A Dispersal consignment from WHR Thomas, Sennybridge held incorporated into the weekly sale on 19th June sold to £1240 for an 87-month Hereford cow & her Charolais bull calf (5m) with another from the same home (AA cow & Char calf) at £1220. Another grand entry of 96 young stores with the quality sorts still selling to a strong trade.  Top selling in the steers of £925 for 10-month Charolais steers (440kgs) from WJ & EA Lewis, Neath, who sold others at £890, £885 & £800. The heifer section was dominated by entries from WJ & EA Lewis Neath selling to £820 (Char, 9m, 375kgs) with others at £800 (19m, 385kgs).  AJ & KL Bowen sold Charolais X heifers to £765 & £755. Steers topped at £1175 for a 23-month Charolais (570kg) from TG, D & JL James, Swansea, with another 26 months from the same home at £1140. Best of the younger farming steers came from DJ Williams, Newport selling 15-month Charolais at £1075. A nice entry of some very well reared calves sold extremely well and 6-month Charolais heifers achieved £430. In the store bull section, there was a larger than usual entry of 20 bulls to a top of £890 for a CharolaisX (15m) from JA Wyatt. In the younger steers, EH & RL Leyshon sold Charolais X steers (11m) to £835.

With an entry of 121 store cattle forward, Wednesday 26th June saw strong feeding steers releasing £1190 for Charolais crosses (675kg-25m) from E Powell & Son, Llanbedr.  A super run of Charolais crosses from JG Biggs & Son, topped at £1165 (660kg- 22 months), £1155 (618kg at 21 months), £1150 (620kg, 21 months) & £1130 (530kg 23 months). Yearling steers sold to a massive £1120 for young 13 month old  Charolais crosses scaling 570kgs  from E Powell & Son.

There was a mixed bag of store bulls forward but Charolais crosses came out on top with a super £975 (24-25m) from J Berry. In the store cattle, again, grazing steers sold to £940 for strong 516kg bullocks at 16 months for Charolais crosses from WA Jones.

Wednesday 10th July included the annual consignment from RJ Morgan in the stirks/young store section which sold to a flying trade with the best steers (Char X – 8/10m) topping the section at £915. Younger Charolais X heifers from the same home also a terrific trade topping at £810 at 6-9 months with others at £795 and £760.  With 90 store cattle forward, feeding steers reached £1130 for 630kg Charolais crosses from JA & JM Studley. WJ & CM Thomas sold Charolais crosses to £1080 scaling a solid 596kg at 25m. Younger grazing types sold to £975 for 18 month old Charolais crosses from JA & JM Studley.

This week saw a useful entry of 55 head sold to a selective trade. In the stirks, steers topped at £840 for Charolais and Limousins steers from JN Coonick sold to £795 (9m), whilst similar steers (10m) sold to £790. Heifers sold to a top of £700 for strong Charolais crosses (weighing in at 355kg, and 10 months) from ES & JS Huntley. With a good show of 130 store cattle forward, there was several good consignments of grazing and feeding types present which were more eagerly bid for.  Feeding steers to £1190 (680kg-21m) for Charolais crosses from E Powell & Son. Feeding heifers sold to £1030 (527kg-25m) for Charolais crosses from TG, D & JL James, followed by £1030 (545kg-25m) from the same home.

Charolais remaining consistent at Stirling, when their weekly sale held on Wednesday 10th July saw 276 store cattle sold. Bullocks, were topped by Charolais X in both PPK and lump sums, reaching respectable highs of 229.5ppk from Drummoider and £1170 from Gillmill. OTM Charolais cows from Woodhill reached £1110 and OTM Charolais bulls from Woodhead of Aberdalgie reached 130ppk and £1310.

Orkney Mart
With the falling beef prices not dampening the Charolais sparkle, Tuesday 4th June saw prime Charolais heifers scaling 570kgs reached 224ppk from W S Garson & Son. In the store section, top price was £1230 for a Charolais weighing 640kgs from Northbank Holdings. Bullocks sold to a high of 242.5ppk for two 402kg Charolais, with leading bullock prices dominated by the Charolais These were weighing between 380-565kgs and achieving prices from £910 to £1200.  Store heifers sold to 236.2ppk for a group of 4 Charolais weighing 381kgs from Quoys, totalling £900. Other noted prices, also dominated by the Charolais, included heifers from Quoys who had heifers weighing 403kgs achieving £920 (228.3ppk), 402kgs releasing £915 (227.6ppk) and heifers from Newark, Sanday reached 211ppk and £920 for stronger heifers weighing 435kgs.

With only small sales in the following Mondays saw Charolais consistently in the top prices, with the 18th June seeing Charolais weights as high as 725kgs hitting 220ppk, releasing a staggering £1595, £1408 the following week for a Charolais from Staye which weighed 640kgs and made 220ppk. The 2nd of July saw Charolais once again grossing a massive £1591 from Cauldhame which sold at 215ppk and weighed a very solid 740kgs. Prime heifers sold to 212ppk for a Charolais weighing 690kgs from J & G Smith, Stromness which released £1462.80

Skipton – CCM Auctions
Wednesday 19th June saw 368 cattle forward. 120 of those were young bulls, of which the continental cross average was £869. Charolais X young bulls had an average of £899 which storms past the average, and tops of £1020. Says it all!

Store bullocks on Wednesday 17th July showcased Charolais store bullocks to average £956, streaking ahead of the steer average of £940. The highest price was £1060 from G & R Bulmer, and Charolais x also achieved top price pen of 3 bullocks, releasing £1055. Charolais heifers topped at a healthy £1270. The reduction consignment from JW Barker saw his top prices in cows with Charolais x calves in particular hitting the higher prices, with 2014 born cows with Charolais bull calves at foot achieving a super £1620, and heifer calves with same age dam achieving £1560.

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