July 19, 2013 Vaccine For Schmallenberg Now Available

A vaccine to control the impact of the Schmallenberg virus (SBV) in cattle and sheep is now available.

The Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) has granted MSD Animal Health a provisional market authorisation for its Bovilis® SBV vaccine as a safe and efficacious product for the control of SBV. Non-pregnant, healthy female cattle can be vaccinated intra-muscularly from two months of age. The primary vaccination course requires two 2ml doses to be given approximately four weeks apart. Non-pregnant, healthy ewes can be vaccinated sub-cutaneously from four months of age. Sheep only need a single 2ml dose.

Onset of immunity is from three weeks after the second vaccination in cattle and the single vaccination in sheep.

The UK ruminant livestock has widely welcomed the licensing of the vaccine and we anticipate product supplies being available in June in 100ml and 20ml vial sizes. This should allow most sheep producers the opportunity to vaccinate ewes before being put to the ram later in the year. Any non-pregnant female cattle over two months of age can also be vaccinated.

If you would like to discuss how vaccination could help you control the impact of the emerging Schmallenberg disease on your unit, please contact your veterinary surgeon.

Bovilis SBV Schmallenberg vaccine


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