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Charolais EBV Explanitary Notes

28 February- Aberdeen catalogue

For all those member who will not be able to attend the sales we will be updating the Charolais Facebook on the day which is a great way to keep in touch

Maerdy Morwr finds a new home in Aberdeenshire

Flintshire Vet and renowned Charolais breeder Esmor Evans is delighted to announce that he has recently sold the 18-month-old, Charolais bull Maerdy Morwr from the farm gate for the impressive sum of £25,000. This is the thirteenth bull to have been sold for £25,000 or more from the Maerdy herd. Read more…



Challenges ahead; time to think about your forward Beef strategy.By David Mackenzie, Harbro

The press is full of debate about the challenges facing not only the UK as a whole post-Brexit, but specifically the challenges which may arise for UK agriculture once current trade agreements are changed. Without doubt this has the potential to cause great change – some say for the better, whist others fear agriculture could suffer without the EU support mechanisms and tariff protections.

The truth is that nobody knows what the outcome will be, and in the context of climate change and world population growth, perhaps Brexit will not even be the dominant force for change in the years ahead.

With this background how can beef producers possibly know the right way forward for their genetics?

The reality is that the choice of bull made today is a statement of the direction of that beef business for the next number of years. The type of genetics chosen today will in many cases be a key driver towards the sort of beef herd you have in 10 years’ time. more ….

2018 International Charolais Congress

The British Charolais Cattle Society are pleased to announce the details of the 2018 International Charolais Congress, which will take place in Sweden from Saturday 29 June to Saturday 7 July 2018. Find out more…

World Charolais Congress 2018 Post Tour NorwayNCH Post tour Norway


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28 – Aberdeen

2 – Dungannon

20 – Exeter
28 – Welshpool

7 – Stirling
7 – Dungannon
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GroupCharolais Youth

This year it was the Welsh region that came out on top when they secured the junior and senior titles as well as claiming first and second places in the team competition. Read more…

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