Official Judges List Protocol

1. Names may only be added to the Official Society Judging Lists by the Council of the Society.

2. The Council of the Society shall consider nominations, at their September meeting, for addition and removal from the lists for the forthcoming year.

3. Nominations for consideration by the Council of the Society may be received either from Regional Club Secretaries, on behalf of their Regional Club, or from any fully paid up member of the Society.

4. A nominee must be a member of the Society or have a close affiliation to a full member and also be associated with the Charolais Cattle breed., The eligibility will be evaluated by the council on an individual and unbiased basis.

5. A person is not eligible to nominate themselves or any close member of their family or employees.

6. On reaching the age of seventy the judge will be reviewed by the council for their eligibility to go on the society’s emeritus judges list. Subsequently, they will be informed of their withdrawal from the main judges list and if eligible they will be informed of being added to the society’s emeritus judges list. 

7. If a main register judge closes their membership, sells all their cattle, loses their affiliation to a full member or brings the society into disrepute the Council have the rights to revoke their name from the judges list.

8. Once a judge is on the Emeritus judges list, point 7 does not apply and a judge will only be removed at their own request or if the society is notified of their death.