We are sad that we cannot hold our regular Charolais Youth Final at the GYS.

Instead we are proud to announce our Virtual Charolais Youth Stockjudging Competition.

To participate you must be aged 8-26 and you must only make one entry

There are three videos for you to watch as many times as you like,

Class 1 – for this you must watch the video and place the Cattle ABXY in your preferred order.

Class 2 – for this you must also watch the video and place the Cattle ABXY in your preferred order.

Finally the Guess the Weight video must be watched and a weight guessed.

When placing the cattle think about your reasons why and note then down.

All three answers must be given for the entry to be accepted.

The top 5 from each age group will then be asked to give reasons to a Master judge via Zoom.

Prizes will be awarded for the winner of each of the junior (8-14), intermediate (15-18) & senior (19-26) sections.

In the event of a tie, the winner will be the competitor who most closely estimates the weight of a stock bull.

The winners will be posted on our website and Social media pages and judging will be open for the young judges. Stock judging competitors will have until midnight on 31/07/21 to place their animals via the competition entry form below.

The top 5 will be announced though-out the day on 06/08/21 they will then have to give reasons to the master judge on 13/08/21.

The winners will then be announced week commencing 16/08/21


The Winners of the three classes, Junior (8-14), Intermediate (15-18), Senior (19-26), will win a Charolais jacket and two tickets each to a choice of one of the below shows.

The Great Yorkshire Show

The Royal Highland Show

The Royal Welsh Show

The Royal Ulster Show

The Runner-up to each of the three classes, Junior (8-14), Intermediate (15-18), Senior (19-26), will win a Charolais jacket each.

Click here to view videos and enter competition, placing the four animals in order of your preference starting with your favourite first. Then enter you estimate of the weight of the bull on kg’s along with your personal details to allow us to contact you. The Competition is now closed and the Finalists below will be invited to give reasons shortly to a Master Judge.


Junior (8-14),

Gregor Milne

George Armstrong

Iona Mallarkey

Conor Savage

Matilda Blyth

Intermediate (15-18), 

Katie Anna Scott

Molly Bradley

Leah Rainey

Dominic Frost

Adele Irvine

Senior (19-26)

Lois Scott

Donald Maclean

Bartley Finnegan

Kelly Stott

Jake Gregory


to watch the videos click on the links below.

Class 1 –

Class 2 –