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The Gwenog herd was first established back in 1972 by Johnny Howells when Cullum Hautaine was purchased from Mrs McAlpine, this was followed by a few other carefully selected females.  The bulls from the herd were sold mainly at the Society sale at Bingley Hall, Staffs, where they were shown and sold successfully, these included Gwenog Navigator which was one of the first Charolais purchased by Messrs Wight, Midlock.

In October 1978 Brampton Orbit (s. Bent Carabinier d. Boxted Fanny) was purchased at Perth for 3,100gns where he stood Reserve Senior Champion.  He was to be the herd sire for the next eleven years.  He was shown a number of times throughout Wales and was always placed 1st in class and either Champion or Reserve every time.  He made a notable impact on our herd including Gwenog Bimbo, Champion and top priced bull at Welshpool Nov'87.

The next herd sires were Brampton Beacon (s. Brampton Ulysse d. Brampton Upright), Limestone Charlie (s. Limestone Philanderer d. Limestone Prudence), Shareshill Ferdinand (s. Bowerhouses Topper d. Champios Venus) and Shoyswell Inebriate (s. Friarton Focus d. Ballacharry Ashling) but as we had moved to a larger farm and began dairy farming in 1983 less attention was given to producing bulls for the sales and concentrated mainly on selling them at home but the emphasis on producing quality was not forgotten.

The next bull we purchased was Midlock Larnaca (s. Moncur General d. Midlock Helen) at Perth in Oct'96.   He was a bull of great power, scale and conformation.  He was shown three times in 1997 and this regained our interest in showing, he won his class on every occasion including the Royal Welsh where he stood Reserve Overall Champion to the Interbreed Champion.  He was a much admired bull and has produced some very good females in the herd including  Gwenog Olivia which was Reserve Junior Champion at the Royal Welsh 1999 on her only outing.

In 1996 the Pedr Herd was established by Peter Howells after being given an in calf heifer (Gwenog Ivory) for his 18th birthday and now consists of seven cows and followers.

In Oct'99, in an attempt to rekindle the success of the past achievements we had and to try and get on par with the top bull producing herds in Wales and further afield, we went to Perth to select a new stock bull, our choice was Derryharney Outstanding, a bull which stood first in class, had already won in Fintona and had a massive weight gain of 1.99 kg per day.   He cost 18,000gns and left quite a dent in the bank balance, it was a big risk for a west Wales herd which was relatively unknown to the rest of the UK to take, but it seems to be well worth the gamble.

The two herds are run together as one unit by us and now numbers between 45 and 50 cows, with a large emphasis being given to producing large, heavy cattle with good back ends.  So hopefully you will hear a lot more about us.


Introducing our new herd sire Thrunton Classic

Supreme Breed Champion RWAS 2009
Reserve Interbreed Individual, pairs and group of 5
Sire: Burradon Talisman Dam: Thrunton Upsadaisy
(Sister to Thrunton Bonjovi - Perth Champion Feb 2008)
Purchased for his power and natural muscling for 12,000gns


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Pictured at 13 months old
Sire: Oldstone Egbert  Dam: Arney Isobel

OUTSTANDING   was purchased because of his tremendous length, conformation and growth rate, all of which he has retained ever since.  His calves are of excellent quality being wide throughout especially over the plates and second thigh.  They are very easy fleshing and continue in their fathers footsteps by showing good weight gains, proving that it is possible to get size and conformation without sacrificing either.

OUTSTANDING is a very docile bull nad has been used extensively on the herd with very little calving problems.

Semen is available at a commercial price plus 35.00 Royalty fee per registration.
Semen is also available for world wide export and is of very good quality.

First 9 sons of OUTSTANDING sold through Society Sales
averaged  9,380

Pedr Thumper (sire - Derryharney Outstanding   dam-Gwenog Ivory)
D.O.B - 19th June 2002
Thumper stood 1st in his class, Junior Champion, Reserve Male and Reserve Overall Champion at the 2003 Royal Welsh Show.  He was also reserve in the elite Junior Bull Championship at the same show.  1st in his class, Junior Champion and Reserve Overall Champion Perth October 2003 and sold for the days top price of 31,000gns to the Balmyle and Cardean herds.

Gwenog Tiger (sire - Derryharney Outstanding   dam-Gwenog Iona)
D.O.B - 4th July 2002
Tiger stood 1st in his class at Perth October 2003 and sold for the days 2nd highest price of 14,000gns to the Sportsmans herd.

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Pedr Tennessee (s. Derryharney Oustanding d. Trefonnen Imogen)
D.O.B 12 March 2002

Sold at Carlisle May 2003 for 12,000gns. 1st in class, Junior Champion & Reserve Overall Champion. 
Sold to Blelack & Elrick Herds

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Gwenog Sobin (fore) 3,700gns, top price Welshpool November 2002 and Gwenog Starbuck 3,300gns 4th top price.
Gwenog Sobin (s. Derryharney Outstanding d. Gwenog Mary)
Gwenog Starbuck (s. Derryharney Outstanding d. Gwenog Gill)
Both bulls had excellent width and very good hind quarter development.

Gwenog Tyron CH28  (s. Derryharney Outstanding d. Gwenog Orchid)
Peddr Topper CH25 (s. Derryharney Outstanding d. Leblanc Mandy)
Welshpool November 03. Tyron was sold for 4,000gns (4th top price) to the Aberdyfi Herd.
 Topper was sold for 3,000gns and along with Gwenog Telynor (2,200gns) they achieved the day's top average of �3219, for the second year running.  All three were 16 months old.

Gwenog Utaha CH2s Derryharney Outstanding d Gwenog Ola)
Sold at Carlisle March '05 for 3,200gns (second top price)

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This in the winning group of three at the Royal Welsh Show 2005.  From left to right: Gwenog Vogue, Gwenog Vincent, Gwenog Victorious.  Vogue won her class and Reserve Junior Champion, beating class and championship winners from the Royal and Royal Highland on the way.  Victorious and Vincent were 2nd and 3rd in the youngest bull class.
All are sired by Derryharney Oustanding
all 3 will be for sale at Perth October 2005 with Gwenog Velvet who was 3rd in the baby heifer class at the RWAS

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Gwenog Victorious  Born: 1 June 2004
Sire: Derryharney Outstanding
Dam: Gwenog Hazel
Victorious won 2nd in class at Perth October 2005 and sold for 7,200gns
He is a bull with tremendous width

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Gwenog Vogue
Sire: Derryharney Outstanding
Dam: Gwenog Julie
Vogue was Female Champion at Perth October 2005 and sold for 5,500 gns (Top price)
Her full brother looks very promising for next year

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Gwenog Velvet
Sire: Derryharney Outstanding
Dam: Gwenog Naomie
Velvet won 2nd prize behind Vogue at Perth October 2005 and sold for 4,200gns (2nd top price)
She has the dam grand dam as Gwenog Tiger (14,000gns)

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Overall Champion Carlisle May 2006
Sold for 10,000gns to Mr A Williams, Castellmawr Herd
s. Derryharney Outstanding  d.Redivallen Riesling  
d.o.b. 30/8/04



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Sire: - Blelack Montgomery
Dam:- Shamleys Obsession
Tycoon was purchased because of his all round conformation and correctness.   He has tremendous length and growth and an eye muscle score of 15 out of 15, he is also very docile and easy to handle.
His pedigree has some very good bloodlines, being out of BLELACK MONTGOMERY which has already sold sons to 20,000gns.
His dam is by BILLINGLEY LANDMARK (Junior Champion Carlisle May '96 and sold for 7,000gns).  Obsession is also a Granddaughter to the famous Royal Show Champion Mountpleasant Alexis.

wpe9.jpg (45627 bytes)

Gwenog Asterix CH28 Dob 12 March 2005
Sire: Blelack Tycoon
Dam: Gwenog Rhianon
Asterix is the first calf by Tycoon.  He won his class and overall Champion at the S Wales Calf Show
He has tremendous potential and a lot of admirers

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Gwenog Aragon  CH33 Date of birth: 8/6/05
Sire: Blelack Tycoon
Dam: Gwenog Rona

Aragon was the youngest out of 12 bulls entered in the young bull class at the RWAS and was placed 3rd.
He is the first son of Tycoon to be sold at auction and will be entered at Perth oct'06. Rona is a daughter of Outstanding

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Gwenog Aztec
sire Derryharney Outstanding dam Gwenog Julie
Dob 14 july 05 EBV CH24
Aztec is entered for Perth Oct'06. He is a full brother to Gwenog Vogue ( Champion female Perth Oct'05 top price female 2005)
see above.

Pedr Aslan
sire Blelack Tycoon dam Limestone Nest
Dob 24 November 2005
Aslan was entered for Perth February 2007 and he sold for 4,200gns


Gwenog Ace
sire Blelack Tycoon dam Reddivallen Riesling
Dob 8 August 2005
Ace was entered for sale at Perth February 2007 and sold for 10,000gns

wpe6.jpg (23808 bytes)  wpe8.jpg (22273 bytes)

Gwenog Actionman  Date of birth: 30/09/05
Sire: Blelack Tycoon
Dam: Gwenog Lorraine

Actionman was sold at Perth February 2007 for 8,000gns

Gwenog Banjo
Sire: Blelack Tycoon
Dam: Gwenog Sian
Dob 6/5/06
Sold at Perth November 2007 for 12,000gns to Burradon, Piatroon & Alsnow Herds
Banjo on the young bull class at the RWAS and Res Jnr Champion also Res Interbreed Jnr Champion. His dam Sian is a full sister to Riseling ( dam of Vindicator & Ace both 10,000gns see above) He is entered for Perth Oct'07 , he is very long and big.

Gwenog Beano
Sire. Blelack Tycoon
Dam. Gwenog Samantha
Dob 1/5/06
Gwenog Beano sold for 5,500 at Perth November 2007
Beano was placed 4th out of 14 in the youngest bull class at the RWAS. He will be entered for Perth Oct'07.
His g.dam Gwenog Loraine was the dam of Gwenog Actionman (see above) sold for 8,000gns 2nd prize Perth Feb'07.
He is a bull with tremendous shape.

Gwenog Braveheart
Dob: 29/6/06
Sire: Blelack Tycoon
Dam: Gwenog Olivia (see below)
Braveheart was sold for 5,200gns at Perth November 2007
He is a very correct bull out of a tremendous mother. One not to be missed

From left to right: Beano, Braveheart & Banjo - Burnton group of 3 winners November 2007

Gwenog Captain
Reserve Overall Champion Perth February 2009 sold for 10,000gns

Gwenog Champion
Sold for 8,500gns at Perth February 2009

Gwenog Danzyboy
Was 3rd at RWAS 2009 and 1st in class at Perth October 2009 and sold for 11,000gns

Pedr Dougal
Sire Blelack Tycoon
Dam Pedr Rhonwen (maternal sister of Pedr Thumper)
Champion Welshpool Nov '09, Sold for centre record price of 8,300gns

Gwenog Eyecandy
Sire Blelack Tycoon
Dam Gwenog Mair
Junior Champion RWAS 2010 ( same family as Danzyboy and Diamond)

Gwenog Fieldmarshall
Sire Blelack Tycoon
Dam Gwenog Vienna
Sold for 11,000gns to the Brynffanigl Herd at Stirling Oct'11

Pedr Fonzy
Sire Blelack Tycoon
Dam Pedr Appy
First prize Welshpool Nov'11 sold for 6,000gns

wpeD.jpg (27373 bytes)

Midlock Larnaca (S. Moncur General d. Midlock Helen)
Pictured at the Royal Welsh Show 1997 where he was Reserve Overall Champion

wpeE.jpg (21039 bytes)

Gwenog Olivia (s. Midlock Larnaca d. Gwenog Eira)
Pictured at the Royal Welsh Show 1999 where she was Reserve Junior Champion
She has grown into a very good cow indeed

Enquiries or Contact:-
Johnny S. Howells                 Peter L. Howells
Tycam, Llanwenog, Llanybydder, Ceredigion, SA40 9UX
Tel:- (01570) 480 467
e-mail - peter.tycam@talk21.com

Visitors are welcome to view the cattle at any time with prior appointment.