How to Join

The following fees apply to joining the Society, anyone wishing to join can complete the form below and a membership pack will be sent out to you in the post.

Enrolment fee £30.00
Annual membership

Annual Membership £32.00
(Membership of the Society is subject to application approval by the Council of Management)

Full Membership £32.00 (per annum) (N.B £20 is VAT zero rated)
Fully paid up members of the Society are entitled to all of the Registration, inspection and ancillary Society services which are available, with Society publications

Associate Membership (per annum) VAT Zero rated £20.00
is confined to receiving publications only. Overseas Members are restricted to Associate Membership status.

Herd Prefix £30.00
Members wishing to establish herds are required to nominate a herd prefix by which name all their cattle will be identified. Prefixes are individual, and once registered may not be used by another breeder.

The following form can be used to order a membership pack, please fill out your details and submit to the office.  Once we have received this we will forward a membership pack in the post to you.

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