DNA Instructions

At the December 2011 Council of Management meeting it was agreed that DNA hair sampling bags will be issued with the pedigree certificates for all bulls born after 1st January 2012.

If you send these hair samples back to the office before the calf reaches 10 months of age, Weatherbys, will hold them without further actions.  There will be no charge to you at this time.

If later these bulls need to be typed, either for a Society Sale or as a Herd sire etc, the cost for this test will be at the reduced rate of £16.00 + VAT per animal.

If you do not send the hair sample in a “pending bag” before the animal is 10 months old, then the charge for the DNA testing will be at the full rate of £26.00 + VAT.

These prices will only apply to calves born from 1st February 2014.


  • Hair Roots: provide excellent source material for DNA analysis, however, in order to avoid repeat requests for hair roots, a number of precautions must be taken when collecting hair root samples.
  • Root Follicies: It is essential that hair samples must contain root follicles as it is the follicles that contain DNA and not the hair itself.
  • No of hairs: A minimum of 30 hairs must be taken, preferably from the back of the neck and shoulder blade area.
  • Hair: it is vital that the hair is completely dry and as clean as possible.
  • Contamination: When more than one animal is to be sampled, extreme care must be taken to avoid contamination of hair roots from one animal to another.

Current Charges

The charge per DNA sample for a Herd Sire, ET calf, ET Dam or Parentage Verification is (£26.00 + VAT)
The charge per DNA sample for a Bull to be sold through a Society Sale is (£16.00 + VAT) (from a pending sample)
The charge per Non Pending DNA sample is (£26.00 + VAT)

The following form can be used to order DNA bags from the office, please fill out the relevant information and submit to the office.


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