September 23, 2020 Charbron Charolais top at 6,500gns

Due to the sad and sudden death of the well-known Charolais breeder Mike Brown of Barons Cross Charolais Stud, the family presented a major reduction of the herd for sale at Welshpool on Tuesday 23 September.

The Charbron herd which was established in late 1970 has gained national success, winning championships throughout the UK show circuit and commanding high prices at the Perth, Carlisle and Welshpool sales.

The sale topped at 6,500gns and the seven cow and calf outfits on offer averaged £4,005.

Selling for the top price of the day at 6,500gns to JS Vance, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, were the cow and calf pair Charbron Lady and Charbron Regent. The five year-old Lady is fully parentage verified to her sire, the 70,000gns Royal Welsh show supreme champion Barnsford Ferny and her dam Charbron Duchess, a daughter of the 15,000gns Carlisle supreme champion Burradon Talisman. Her two month-old son Charbron Regent, who is also fully parentage verified and carries a myostatin status of F94L-2, Q204X-1 is sired by Hurcott Ivanhoe.

Next in the trade stakes and being knocked down at 5,000gns was another cow and calf outfit, this time selling to J Rich, Mold, Flintshire. Charbron Luscious was the cow. Sired by the homebred Charbron Heredity, a 12,000gns Royal Welsh show reserve supreme champion, she is bred out of the Royal Welsh show junior male champion Caylers Supreme daughter Charbron Amazing and this five year-old, who is also fully parentage verified carries two copies of the Q204X myostatin variant in her genetics. She was sold along with her four month-old, fully parentage verified heifer calf Charbron Radiant, whose is sired by Whitecliffe Harlequin.

Not far behind at 4,000gns were the next pair, Charbron Investment and her bull calf Charbron Remarkable. Investment is a seven year-old daughter of the 25,000gns Perth supreme champion Goldies Unbeatable and the Burradon Talisman-sired Charbron Fortune and was sold PD’d to the aforementioned Hurcott Ivanhoe. Her five month-old son Remarkable who has a myostatin status of F94L-1 , Q204X-1, is sired by Hurcott Ivanhoe and the pair have gone home with Llanllwyda, Tywyn, Gwynedd.

The top priced single female was Charbron Perfect, a January 2019-born heifer who was snapped up by the Corbett family, Knighton, Powys. Her dam is the Charbron Heredity daughter Charbron Luscious, and the sire here is Charbron Lordship. She is fully parentage verified and carries one copy of Q204X.

Leading the prices for the small consignment of bulls at 2,120gns and selling to DT Roberts, Llanfechain, Powys, was the 18-month old Charbron Perfection. A son of the homebred Charbron Lordship, his dam is the Goldies Unbeatable daughter Charbron Luxuriant, who had sold earlier in the sale along with her heifer calf at foot for 3,300gns.

Averages: seven cow and calves £4,005.00; one cow £2730.00; eight heifers £1715.44; four bulls £1593.38

Auctioneers: Welshpool Livestock Sales

August 26, 2020 British Charolais Commercial Virtual Calf & Charolais Youth Stock Judging Competition

Sponsored by Breedr & in Partnership with AHDB #shoutaboutthesire

Entries for all classes are now open and close at midnight on Friday 11/09/2020


  1. Best individual female calf born between 01/01/2020 – 31/03/2020 – Master Judge: Matthew Milne
  2. Best individual female calf born between 01/04/2020 – 30/06/2020 – Master Judge: David Connolly
  3. Best individual male calf born between 01/01/2020 – 31/03/2020 – Master Judge: Will Owen
  4. Best individual male calf born between 01/04/2020 – 30/06/2020 – Master Judge: David Thornley
  5. Best group of 5-9 calves born between 01/01/2020 – 30/06/2020 – Master Judge: Jeremy Price
  6. Best group of 10 or more calves born between 01/01/2020 – 30/06/2020 – Master Judge: TBC
  7. Individual Champion – Master Judge: Mike Atkinson

Competition Rules

All entries must be currently owned by the exhibiting member, sired by registered or previously registered pedigree Charolais bulls. And the sire must be registered on the passport of the entry for mainland animals or with AFBI for Northern Ireland entries

Exhibitors to send their name and contact details along with the following to

  1. For animals entered into the individual classes: the ear tag number, tag number of the sire and four pictures (front, back side and a head shot clearly showing the ear tag)
  2. For groups: one picture or a twenty second video clip of the group and the tag number of the sire/sires

Photos must be taken by the exhibitor and must not include people so that the competition can be held anonymously

The Charolais Youth stock judging element of the competition will be open to competitors aged between 8-26 years. All competitors must provide their name, DOB and email address. The  individual championship will be judged. The standard stock judging rules apply the class will consist of four animals (ABXY) which will be placed in order of preference by the competitors. Prizes will be awarded for the winner of each of the junior (8-14), intermediate (15-18) & senior (19-26) sections. In the event of a tie, the winner will the competitor who most closely estimates the weight of the bull.

On Monday 28 September, the pictures of the top four animals and the guess the weight bull, will be posted on our website and Facebook page and judging will open for the young judges. Stock judging competitors will have until midnight on Thursday 1 October to place their animals via the competition entry form.

The winners will be announced though-out the day on Friday 2 October with reasons from the master judge.

Any pictures submitted to the competition may be used by the Society for future promotion


  • Charolais jacket for each winner of classes 1 – 4
  • Charolais jacket for each stock judging section winner
  • A £500 Charolais bull voucher to each of the winners of classes 5, 6 & 7

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August 11, 2020 British Charolais Society Sale Dates 2021

Sale dates for 2021 – Due to COVID-19 these are subject to changes on restrictions; this page will be updated with changes as and when they happen .

REMINDERthat all animals you are entering must be DNA tested, the DNA test must be in progress before you submit your entries, and DNA tests must be completed before the sale catalogue can go to print. 

DNA that is not currently in process when your entries are submitted will not be accepted and the animals will be rejected from the sale. Pending samples stored in the office do not count as being in process.  Therefore, to avoid disappointment please check the DNA status of your animals before entering.

Please submit herd health declarations to the office at the time of submitting your entries

Vet Inspections will be taking place at all sales, but there are some other variations between sales that you will need to know about:


Date of sale

Entries close

Show information

Online sale if sale is cancelled

Social distancing

 Sale catalogue

Welshpool Saturday 17th April Tuesday 9th March
Exeter Friday 23rd April Friday 26th March
Clogher Friday 23rd April Monday 8th March
Stirling Sunday/Monday 2nd & 3rd May Friday 19th March
Carlisle Fri/Sat 14th/15th May Friday 26th March
Swatragh Friday 21st May
Carlisle Friday 1st October
Stirling Mon/Tues 18th/19th October
Ballymena Saturday 6th November
Welshpool Thursday 11th November



Great Charolais Summer Show Champion – Rosanna Jupiter

1st – (Lot 62) – Caylers Charolais – Rosanna Jupiter – s. Rosanna Fameux
2nd – (Lot 60) – AJR Farms – Newlogie Perejacquemin – s. Newlogie Nobel
3rd – (Lot 7) – AJR Farms – Newlogie Princesslaika s. Harestone Jaquard
4th – (Lot 4) – Mrs SM Corbett & Daughters – Teme Prosecco – s. Chunal Dougie
5th – (Lot 24) – Miss C L Boden – Bostockgreen Opal – s. Davally Illusion
6th – (Lot 51) – Miss A Howell – Whitetower Pride – s. Goldies Mighty
7th – (Lot 34) – Miss C L Boden – Edenhurst Infanta – s. Ratoary Ferguson
= 8th – (Lot 9) – Mrs S M Corbett & Daughters – Teme Opaque – s. Goldstar Gentleman
= 8th – (Lot 45) – RA & J Blyth – Marwood Pascal – s. Balthayock Lineup


Reserve Supreme Champion – Teme Processo

1st – Lot 4 – Mrs S M Corbett & Daughters – Teme Prosecco – s. Chunal Dougie
2nd – Lot 9 – Mrs S M Corbett & Daughters – Teme Opaque – s. Goldstar Gentleman
3rd – Lot 60 – AJR Farms – Newlogie Perejacquemin – s. Newlogie Nobel
4th – Lot 7 – AJR Farms – Newlogie Princesslaika – s. Harestone Jaquard
= 5th – Lot 24 – Charlotte Boden – Bostockgreen Opal – s. Davally Illusion
= 5th – Lot 51 – Annabelle Howell – Whitetower Pride – s. Goldies Mighty
7th – Lot 34 – Charlotte Boden – Edenhurst Infanta – s. Ratoary Ferguson
8th – Lot 45 – RA & J Blyth – Marwood Pascal – s. Balthayock Lineup
9th – Lot 65 – Mr NP Jones – Waterman Noble – s. Farleycopse Gareth

BULL, born before or on 31/12/2017

Class 11 Winner – Rosanna Jupiter

1st – (Lot 62) – Caylers Charolais – Rosanna Jupiter – s. Rosanna Fameux
2nd – (Lot 65) – Mr N P Jones – Waterman Noble – s. Farleycopse Gareth
3rd – (Lot 64 – AJR Farms – Maerdy Morwr – s. Maerdy Dynamite
4th – (Lot 63) – Mr N P Jones – Chesham Minotaur – S. Thrunton Fairfax

BULL, born on or between 01/01/2019 – 29/02/2019

Class Nine Winner – Newlogie Perejacquemin

1st – (Lot 60) – AJR Farms – Newlogie Perejacquemin – s. Newlogie Nobel
2nd – (Lot 59) – AJR Farms – Newlogie Princenobel – s. Newlogie Nobel
3rd – (Lot 58) – AJR Farms – Newlogie Paragon – s. Harestone Jaquard
4th – (Lot 61) – A & M Williams – Castellmawr Pedro – s. Blelack Fabulous
5th – (Lot 57) – J & A Price – Oakchurch Percy – s. Maerdy Montypython

BULL, born on or between 01/03/2019 – 30/04/2019

Class Eight Winner – Whitetower Pride

1st – (Lot 51) – Annabelle Howell – Whitetower Pride – s. Goldies Mighty
2nd – (Lot 55) – W K & P Drysdale – Glenericht Parker – s. Glenericht Limpet
3rd – (Lot 54) – RA & J Blyth – Marwood Pioneer – s. Balthayock Lineup
4th – (Lot 50) – Billy Turner – Brampton Paisleypark – s. Border Jamboree
5th – (Lot 52) – RA & J Blyth – Marwood Prince – s. Balthayock Lineup
6th – (Lot 53) – Robert McWilliams – Stranagone Pecador – s. Stranagone Jones
7th – (Lot 56) – Mr J Charlton – Throphill Peregrine – s. Balthayock Gladiator

BULL, born on or between 01/05/2019 – 31/07/2019

Class Seven Winner – Marwood Pascal

1st – (Lot 45) – RA & J Blyth – Marwood Pascal – s. Balthayock Lineup
2nd – (Lot 43) – Messrs SI & LJ Evans – Breos Phantom – s. Breos Highlight
3rd – (Lot 48) – Mr M Connolly – Palace Picador – s. Fymore Glory
4th – (Lot 47) – W K & P Drysdale – Glenericht Pacific – s. Glenericht Mecca
5th – (Lot 46) – Simon & Susanne Frost – Mawstone Pan – s. Balthayock Empire
6th – (Lot 44) – Simon & Susanne Frost – Mawstone Pike – s. Balthayock Empire
7th – (Lot 49) – Andrew Brown – Ellerton Poldark – s. Westcarse Houdini

FEMALE, born on or before 31/12/2017

Class Six Winner – Edenhurst Infanta

1st – (Lot 34) – Charlotte Boden – Edenhurst Infanta – s. Ratoary Ferguson
2nd – (Lot 26) – Caylers Charolais – Caylers Fuchsia – s. Caylers Bombadier
3rd – (Lot 32) – Kevin Burton – Craven Ivy – s. Blelack Digger
4th – (Lot 42) – Robert Aitken – Lourie Novelty – s. Davally Illusion
5th – (Lot 36) – Caylers Charolais – Caylers Jubilee – s. Thrunton Goldeneye
6th – (Lot 33) – Kevin Burton – Craven Izzy – s. Blelack Digger
7th – (Lot 40) – Kevin Burton – Craven Megan – s. Thrunton Fairfax
8th – (Lot 35) – Caylers Charolais – Caylers Image – s. Thrunton Dominator
9th – (Lot 28) – Nathan Jones – Stobarts Freda – s. Woodpark Bishop
10th – (Lot 27) – Andrew Brown – Ellerton Felicity – s. Brampton Gladiator
11th – (Lot 37) – David MacKenzie – Thurso Jessica – s. Maerdy Charlton
12th – (Lot 39) – Andrew Brown – Ellerton Marigold – s. Sandelford Harrison
13th – (Lot 31) – WK & P Drysdale – Glenericht Hostess – s. Edenhurst Cognac
14th – (Lot 29) – Nathan Jones – Waterman Honey – s. Balthayock Vulcan
15th – (Lot 41) – Phelim & Bronagh Caraher – Teerborder Nobrexit – s. Derryolam Impeccable
16th – (Lot 30) Billy Turner – Brampton Hopscotch – s. Balthayock Aesop
17th – (Lot 38) – Billy Turner – Brampton Maisie – s. Brampton Hamish

FEMALE, born on or between 01/01/2018 – 30/06/2018

Class Five Winner – Bostockgreen Opal

1st – (Lot 24) Charlotte Boden – Bostockgreen Opal – s. Davally Illusion
2nd – (Lot 14) Caylers Charolais – Caylers Orchid – s. Rosanna Jupiter
3rd – (Lot 11) Jeremy Paynter – Drumilly Overjoyed – s. Invictus
4th – (Lot 19) Adam Salter – Cranmore Olivia – s. Wesley Furnish
5th – (Lot 17) Mike & Margaret Atkinson – Mowbraypark Olivia – s. Klibreck Ecosse
6th – (Lot 18) John Mcgrath – Drumconnis Oonagh – s. Drumconnis Marvel
7th – (Lot 15) Jenny Rix – Wissington Oregano – s. Maerdy Heracles
8th – (Lot 12) Annabelle Howell – Weybread Orchid – s. Blelack Crusader
8th – (Lot 21) Paul & Clare Germany – Hautbois Obe – s. Blelack Digger
10th – (Lot 15a) Adam Salter – Cranmore Olympia – s. Wesley Furnish
11th – (Lot 23) Stephen Gallimore C/O Josh Williamson – Bassett Olga – s. Whitecliffe Lacroix
12th – (Lot 13) Billy & Sarah Turner – Brampton Opral – s. Border Jamboree
13th – (Lot 20) Paul & Clare Germany – Hautbois One – s. Blelack Digger
14th – (Lot 25) Ian Bell – Hallbankgate Oria – s. Elgin Lampard
15th – (Lot 16) Vivian Griffiths – Ffynnon Olwen – s. Ffynnon Icicle

FEMALE, born on or between 01/07/2018 – 31/12/2018

Class Four Winner – Teme Opaque

1st – (Lot 9) The Corbett Family – Teme Opaque – s. Goldstar Gentleman
2nd – (Lot 10) Andrew Brown – Ellerton Olwyn – s. Blelack Fabulous

FEMALE, born on or between 01/01/2019 – 28/02/2019

Class Three Winner – Newlogie Princesslaika

1st – (Lot 7) AJR Farms – Newlogie Princesslaika – s. Harestone Jaquard
2nd – (Lot 6) George Hadnett – Brigadoon Primeria – s. Newhouse Maxamus
3rd – (Lot 5) Mr D Muirhead – Firhills Polly – s. Glenericht Mecca
4th – (Lot 8) Mr NP Jones – Waterman Perfect – s. Farleycopse Gareth

FEMALE, born on or between 01/03/2019 – 30/04/2019

Class Two Winner – Teme Processo

1st – (Lot 4) The Corbett Family – Teme Prosecco – s. Chunal Dougie
2nd – (Lot 3) Robert Aitken – Lourie Panache – s. Tweeddale Lookout
3rd – (Lot 1) Paul & Clare Germany – Botesdale Poppy – s. Weybread Lorenzo
4th – (Lot 2) WK & P Drysdale – Glenericht Paige – s. Caylers Gladiator

June 30, 2020 The Scottish Farmer Champions of the Decade Competition

This weekend the Scottish Farmer announced the winner of its Champions of the Decade competition, which has been running for the last few weeks on their website with over 9,000 votes registered throughout the competition. The public voting whittled down the entries to a short lead of three and then the judges Society Chairman Ben Harman and Society President Michael Atkinson had the final agonising task of deciding the ultimate Charolais champion.

They said “After looking at the final three we chose the winner who showed all the attributes of a great Charolais female. She has great depth while retaining clean lines and manages to carry plenty of power, while retaining her femininity. In the picture she is standing beautifully, shows great angles through the pasterns and upward and already hints at being a great milker. She looks good across the plates and the tail head, leaving us to think she will have all the attributes to become a productive breeding cow.”

Champion of the Decade Elgin Catherine

The winner of the converted prize was the 2013 champion Elgin Catherine, who also won the interbreed beef championship at the same show along with her February-born heifer calf Elgin Iona. No stranger to the show, she had previously won the junior female title in 2009.
Bred and exhibited by the Milne family, out of their 50 strong pedigree cow Elgin herd based at Kennieshillock, Llanbryde, she is by Gower Versace and out of the 14,000gns Rumsden Samurai daughter Elgin Unity, a cow which has bred sons to 9,000gns.

2013 was her last year in the show ring and she sadly passed away in the Spring, however she has produced nine sons and daughters in total and most of her female calves have been retained for breeding in the herd. One daughter which was sold was Elgin Lynsey who made 3,600gns at the 2016 herd reduction sale at Stirling.

Since his success with Catherine, Matthew has added to his Highland show accolades not only with winning tickets in the Charolais classes but also being awarded the championship of the beef breeder classes twice and the junior interbreed title in 2018 with Elgin Neuer.

The first of the other two Charolais champions to make it to the short list was the 2019 winner Balthayock Nessie, an entry from Major David and Nick Walter, Perthshire. A heifer’s calf bred out of Balthayock Jessie, a Swalesmoor Cracker daughter, she is sired by the 30,000gns Dingle Hofmeister. Nessie also visited the Aylth show last year securing the breed championship, the supreme beef interbreed championship and the overall champion of champions awards and has gone on to produce her first calf in March of this year.

2019 Champion Balthayock Nessie

Also being selected in the top three was Olrig Dubarry, who was crowned breed champion in 2010. The 2008-born Dubarry who was bred and exhibited by The Logie Farm Partnership, Newburgh, Fife, was also awarded the reserve ticket in the inter-breed championships of that year. She was sired by the £25,000 Maerdy Impeccable who was himself a prolific show winner, counting amongst his many successes the 1999 Highland show championship, and her dam was Maerdy Alien, a daughter of the Royal Welsh show supreme champion Maerdy Ulm.

2010 Champion Olrig Dubarry

Finally, congratulations must go once again to all the last decades Charolais Highland show champions, which also include: John and Raymond Irvine’s 2011 champion Inverlochy Cathy; Balmyle Eclipse from 2012 who secured the championship for Bill Bruce; the 2014 champion Balmaud Eclipse exhibited by M Bruce & Partners; Balthayock Imp who secured the title in 2015 for Major Walter; Jenny and John Rix’s 2016 champion Wissington Jocasta; Kilbline 1 Instigator who claimed the 2017 title for previous winners John and Raymond Irvine; and the Barclay family’s 2018 champion Harestone Jaquard.

This week will see the interbreed championship determined with Kay Adam, Newhouse, Glamis deciding the Beef winner.

2011 Champion Inverlochy Cathy

2012 Champion Balmyle Eclipse








2014 Champion Balmaud Eclypse

2015 Champion Balthayock Imp








2016 Champion Wissington Jocasta

2017 Champion Kilbline 1 Instigator








2018 Champion Harestone Jaquard



June 19, 2020 The Great Charolais Online Show


Usually getting ready for shows at this time of year, or have always wanted to take part but couldn’t get away from home?

Why not take part in the Great Charolais Summer Show?

How does it work?

• All competitors must be registered British Charolais members

• All entries must be registered British Charolais animals and currently owned by the exhibiting member

• Each week we will announce a new class which we are accepting entries for – these will be the classes that would have been held at the National show in July. Please see the full list of classes at the end of the rules

• Send the name and ear tag number of your entry along with four pictures – front, both sides and rear of your animal or animals and a video of them walking unhaltered (as we don’t want the handler in the pictures or video) to . Please see our mobile phone filming guide here. No professional photos please, photos and video must be taken by the exhibitor. Please do not include the handler in the pictures or video as this competition will be held anonymously and the entry will not be accepted

• For each class, you will have a week to submit your animals once the entries are open

• At the end of the week, we will post the pictures and video for each of the entries in a compilation video on Facebook and twitter, and individually on our website, in a similar format to our online sales – however, no animal or owner information will be available

• Once voting opens on a class, to vote just submit your choice for 1st 2nd and 3rd places on the form on our Facebook page. Your votes will be translated into scores (3 points for 1st place, 2 points for 2nd place and 1 point for 3rd place) which when added together will determine the overall placings in each class. Please do not vote for the same animal more than once otherwise your vote will not be counted

• The class results will be announced each Monday after the voting closes on the Friday and voting for the next class will begin on that same Monday

• The Champion will be judged from the class winners and voting will take place between 14/09/2020 – 17/09/2020

• The Reserve Champion will be judged from the remaining class winners the second placed animal in the winner’s class and voting will take place between 18/09/2020 – 21/09/2020


• All Class winners will receive a Charolais jacket and a Prize Rosette
• Breed Champion will be awarded £150.00 (sponsored by Welshpool Livestock sales), a Championship Plaque & Championship Sash
• Reserve Breed Champion will be awarded £100.00 (sponsored by Welshpool Livestock sales)

June 5, 2020 Stirling Charolais Top at 7,200gns

Due to the lockdown and the restrictions in place during the Covid-19 pandemic, United Auctions’ Stirling bull sales in May were conducted via direct marketing rather than a live sale held at Stirling Agricultural Centre. The bulls were marketed via an online catalogue backed up by contact from the United Auctions sales team who liaised with prospective buyers.

Charolais bids peaked at 7,200gns and 17 bulls found new homes to average £5,406.47, the highest average of all the breeds represented.

Harestone Oblivion – 7,200gns

Leading the Charolais bids at 7,200gns was Harestone Oblivion from the Barclay family’s Harestone herd at Banchory, Aberdeenshire. This outstanding bull is by the 12,000gns Carlisle reserve senior champion Wesley Equinox, is out of Harestone Mo, a homebred daughter of the 25,000gns Stirling intermediate champion Inverlochy Ferdie, and has been fully parentage verified. The 18 month-old Oblivion, who has one copy of the F94L myostatin gene, features in the top 10% of the breed for 200 day weight gain and his TI of +53 and SRI of +51 rank him in the top 15% and top 20% respectively. He goes on to work in Tarland, Aboyne, for A Smith.

Allanfauld Oscar – 7,000gns

Next, sold for 7,000gns, was Allanfauld Oscar from Archie & John MacGregor, Kilsyth, Glasgow. A June 2018-born bull, he was purchased by C Addison and Co, Ellon, Aberdeenshire. He is sire verified as by the homebred Allanfauld Lachie and his dam is Allanfauld Ice, who goes back to the 11,000gns Woodpark Elgin. Oscar, who has a myostatin status of F94L-1, Q204X-0, is a bull with impressive figures, featuring in the top 1% of the national herd for 200 day weight, he is ranked in the top 5% for his 400 and 600-day weight gain as well as for his Terminal Index (+73) and Self Replacing Index (+67) scores.

Thrunton Oban – 6,700gns

Selling for 6,700gns was the pen leader from the Campbell family’s Thrunton herd at Alnwick, Northumberland. Another with impressive performance figures, his TI of +70 and SRI of +64 place him in the top 5% of the breed. Thrunton Oban has gone to Kincraigie Farms, Lumphanan, and he’s a Q204X carrying, July 2018-born bull, who is fully parentage verified as by the 28,000gns Maerdy Jerusalem and out of the Thrunton Gladiator-sired Thrunton Jaquette.

Thrunton Oman – 6,000gns

Three more of the Campbell’s lots sold averaging £6,168.75 for the bunch. Their next highest priced, at 6,000gns, was Thrunton Oman, a 20 month-old bull with a myostatin status of F94L-0, Q204X-0. With top 10% Terminal Index and Self Replacing scores of +60 and + 57, he is sire verified to Thrunton Gladiator and his dam Thrunton Fanciful goes back to the 22,000gns Newhouse Bigal. He was purchased by Glenkiln Farms, Crocketford, Dumfiresshire.

Thrunton Ontario – 5,800gns

Just behind at 5,800gns was the Campbell’s next lot, the September 2018-born Thrunton Ontario, a fully parentage verified bull who is out of the Thrunton Gladiator-sired Thrunton Layla and by the aforementioned Maerdy Jerusalem. Messrs Thomson, Midmar, Aberdeenshire, were the purchasers of this non-myostatin carrier, another to feature in the top 10% of the breed with his TI of +61 and in the top 5% with a SRI of +67, a 400 day weight gain score of +71 and a 600-day weight gain score of +81.

Alsnow Oak -5,300gns

At 5,300gns Alsnow Oak was next in the trade stakes. He was consigned by Neil Wattie, Alford, Aberdeenshire, who had purchased him as a calf at foot from Alan Lawson’s dispersal sale in February last year. The 22 month-old Oak was this time purchased by C Tait, Ellon, Aberdeenshire, and is sire verified as by the Irish-bred Cottage Devon. He has a myostatin status of F94L-0, Q204X-0 and his dam Alsnow Hanna, whose last bull calf sold for 8,000gns, is by the 16,000gns Stirling junior champion Clyth Diplomat.

Lochend Orient – 5,200gns

Lochend Orient a 19 month-old entry from Iain and Rhona Millar, Port of Menteith, Stirlingshire, was the next top selling lot at 5,200gns. He is bred out of Lochend India who goes back to the 10,000gns Mortimers Echo. India, who is a twin, is also a full sister to the 22,000gns Lochend Hickory. Orient, a carrier of both the F94L and Q204X myostatin genes, who was snapped up by William Hendry, Dunbar, East Lothian, is sire verified as by the 9,000gns Carlisle class winner Nuthampstead Judas, whose first three Lochend sons have sold to average £6,685.

A trio of bulls sold for the next highest price of 5,000gns and the first was Westcarse Obe, a June 2018-born bull from John and Diane Christie, Stirling. Sired verified as by Nuthampstead Judas, whose sons have sold to 7,500gns, he is out of Westcarse Greta, a Kersknowe Clansman daughter. The 23 month-old Obe whose myostatin status is F94L-0, Q204X-0 sold to E and A Donald and sons, Turriff, Aberdeenshire.

Matching the 5,000gns price tag when he was purchased by Hamlet Cowans, Lochendhead, Dumfries-shire, from consigners J and J Graham, Blairdrummond, Stirlingshire, was the July 2018-born Burnbank Ollymurs, a non-myostatin carrier who was semen tested prior to sale. A bull who is sire verified as by the popular AI bull Blelack Digger, who has added over 200 progeny into the national herd, Ollymurs is bred out of Blackford Lucy, a daughter of the Royal Highland show reserve junior bull champion Elgin Davinci.

The final 5,000gns lot was the 21 month-old Thrunton Octavian, who was offered for sale by JHC Campbell and Son. With a Terminal Index of +54 and a Self Replacing Index of +52, this bull who does not carry any myostatin, is ranked in the top 1% of the breed for 200-day weight gain. Octavian is sire verified to Thrunton Gladiator, out of Thrunton Impala, a daughter of the 15,000gns Carlisle supreme champion Burradon Talisman, and was purchased by Leys Estate, Leys Castle, Inverness.

Averages: 17 bulls £5,406.47
Auctioneers: United Auctions

May 14, 2020 Inaugural Charolais Online Auction Tops at £10,000

With the ban on pedigree breeding sales in the livestock markets due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Harrison and Hetherington developed their online marketing to include timed auctions, so that the pedigree breeders had a legitimate outlet at which to sell their bulls.
The Charolais sale which was due to take place at Borderway mart in the 9 May was converted into the new online timed auction format, which started on Friday 8 and concluded on Tuesday 12 May. A total of 19 Charolais bulls found new homes to average £5,021 with bidding peaking at £10,000 and eight lots trading at £5000 and above.

Top Price Solwayfirth Oneal – £10,000

Topping the lots at £10,000 was the November 2018-born Solwayfirth Oneal, , who was purchased by John Wight and Sons, Biggar, Lanarkshire. This bull is the first to be sold by the 11,500gns Glenericht Majestic, who has so far produced over 40 progeny for the herd since his purchase in October 2017. His dam is Solwayfirth Ingrid, a daughter of the Perth supreme champion Blackford Samson.

Oneal has some impressive figures with a Terminal Index of +63 and Self Replacing Index of +60, placing him in the top 10% of the breed. He also has a copy of both the F94L and Q204X myostatin genes in his DNA. He was bred and exhibited by Ian and Dorothy Goldie, Annan, Dumfriesshire, who had a great day selling all four bulls they had entered to average £5,525.

“I’m delighted with our trade and really pleased that H&H have set up this new online system so quickly,” said Ian. “I feel that we would never have achieved a price of £10,000 in the current situation without this. These are the first four sons of Majestic we’ve sold, and hopefully there’ll be some more in the pipeline for February.”

Mornity Pedro – £9,000

The second highest price of £9,000 was paid for Mornity Pedro, an entry from Jack Nicoll Farms, Blairgowrie, Perthshire. Sire verified as by the renowned 14,000gns Westcarse Houdini, and he’s out of the exceptional breeding of Guthrie Laura who goes back to Falleninch Hamzoraj. His TI of +66 places him in the top five percent of the breed. He’s also amongst the top one percent of the national herd for 200 day weight, and the top five percent for 400 and 600 day weight gain, and was purchased by Tom Story, Greenburn, Dumfriesshire.

Goldies Orchard – £7,400

At £7,400 the next highest priced lot was the October 2018-born Goldies Orchard who boasted the highest Terminal Index and Self Replacing Index in the sale catalogue at +86 and +76 respectively, placing him in the top one percent of the breed and he also has two copies of the F94L myostatin gene.

Another to be fully parentage verified, his dam is the 15,000gns Gretnahouse Heman-sired Goldies Lottie and his sire is the 10,500gns Tweeddale Matador, a prolific show winner whose accolades include the National show junior championship. Orchard was purchased by Ouston Farms, Lobley Hill, Tyne and Wear, and he was bred and consigned by Hamish Goldie, Ruthwell, Dumfriesshire.

Newhouse Olympus – £6,800

An entry from RM Adam and Son, Forfar, Angus, was the next top selling bull at £6,800 and he goes on to work in Caernarfon, Gwynedd for new owner Ifan Thomas. Newhouse Olympus, a 17 month-old with a myostatin status of F94L-1, Q204X-1, who has also been fully parentage verified, is out of the 26,000gns Maerdy Hearthrob daughter Newhouse Lass, and sired by the 28,000gns Perth supreme champion Brampton Nacodar.

Retties Oasis – £5,100

At £5,100 was the 21 month-old Retties Oasis from Richard and Carol Rettie, Methven, Perthshire. The popular AI bull Davally Illusion is the sire here and his dam is Retties Harmony, a daughter of the 10,000gns Stirling senior champion Chunal Dougie. He was purchased by JC Rennie and Son, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire.

Gretnahouse Onside – £5,000

Three bulls achieved bids of £5,000 and the first was Gretnahouse Onside, an October 2018-born lad who is fully parentage verified. He has an impressive calving ease score (+11.6), which positions him in the top 10% of the national herd and he also has a copy of the Q204X myostatin gene. His sire is the 12,000gns Carlisle reserve senior champion Wesley Equinox and his dam Gretnahouse Maradise is a first calving daughter of the 17,000gns Balthayock Gladiator. He was offered for sale by Alasdair Houston, Gretna Green, Dumfriesshire, and was purchased by R and J Stannard, Bethersden, Kent.

Glenericht Oger – £5,000

Matching the £5,000 price tag when he was snapped up by John Nelson, Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbrightshire, was Glenericht Oger an entry from WK and P Drysdale, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, who places in the top five percent of the breed with a TI of +69 and in the top one percent for SRI with a score of +70.

He also places in the top 20% for calving ease, gestation length and 200-day weight, top five percent on 400 day weight and top 15% for 600 day weight gain. An October 2018-born bull who boasts two copies of the F94L gene, he is sire verified to the 12,000gns Caylers Gladiator and his dam Glenericht Gigi goes back to the popular AI sire Blelack Digger who has added over 2,000 progeny into the national herd.

Chunal Primeminister – £5,000

Another who was bid to £5,000 was Mark McGahan’s 15 month-old Chunal Primeminister from Hadfield, Derbyshire, who was the second easiest calving bull in the catalogue at +14.5 and has a myostatin status of F94L-1. His dam is the 12,000gns Wesley Equinox-sired Chunal Mistletoe and he is sire verified as by the Yorkshire-bred Whitecliffe James. He’s off to work for Andrew Wilson in Newton Stewart, Wigtownshire.

Solwayfirth Ozzy – £4,800

Next in the trade stakes at £4,800 was Solwayfirth Ozzy, a November 2018-born bull from the aforementioned Ian and Dorothy Goldie, who has a myostatin status of F94L-1. Sire verified to Glenericht Majestic, his dam is Solwayfirth Hayley, a daughter of the homebred Solwayfirth Bandit. He was snapped up by Mark Jones-Davies and Co, Brecon, Powys.

Solwayfirth Oliver – £4,200

The Goldies success didn’t stop there, and their other top lot sold when a bid of £4,200 secured Solwayfirth Oliver for Scott Hiddleston, Dumfries, Dumfriesshire. The 17 month-old Oliver is again sire verified to Glenericht Majestic, is out of the Solwayfirth Bandit-sired Solwayfirth Heather, and has one copy of the F94L myostatin gene in his genetics.

Harestone Oasis – £5,300

Achieving a top bid of £4,300 was Harestone Oasis, an entry from R and N Barclay, Insch, Aberdeenshire. Born in November 2018 and a carrier of the Q204X gene, he is fully parentage verified and sired by the Highland show supreme champion Harestone Jaquard, while his dam is Knockmahon Jane, who goes back to Cloverfield Excellent. He was purchased by A and B Fisher, Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbrightshire.

Top Priced Female Bassett Oakleaf – £5,600

The star of the female section was the 2019 Royal Welsh show reserve junior female champion Bassett Oakleaf, who was offered for sale by Brailes Livestock, Banbury, Oxfordshire. She is a January 2018-born heifer who was bred in North Yorkshire by Jean Atkinson and was sold AI’d to Westcarse Houdini to Kenneth Hall and Son, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, for £5,600. Her sire is the 10,000gs Harestone Domino and she is bred out of Bassett Ebony, a daughter of the 16,000gns Perth junior champion Balmyle Vagabond.

Bassett Olivia – £3,000

The other top priced female seller at £3,000 was Bassett Olivia, a March 2018-born heifer who is sire verified to Whitecliffe Lacroix and one of the first to be sold by this bull. She is bred out of the 10,000gns Harestone Domino daughter Bassett Hifi, was bred and consigned by Jean Atkinson, Thorpe Bassett, North Yorkshire, and purchased by Lee hopwood, Littleborough, Lancashire.

Averages: 19 bulls: £5,021.05, four heifers: £3,362.50
Auctioneers: Harrison and Hetherington Ltd.

March 31, 2020 Welshpool 18 April 2020 – Interactive Sale Catalogue

Lot 5
UK382559101250 MBM0077229
DOB: 14/05/2018
DNA Verification: fully parentage verified
Myostatin: F94L-0 , Q204X-1
s. COCKERINGTON JETHRO (P) (UK141011400905) MBM0061408
d. PENHARGARD JASMINE (P) (UK382559300972) MBF0066893
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March 9, 2020 Commercial demand drives price increase at Dungannon

Averages: 33 bulls £3,465, 11 heifers £2,142.95, Royaldowns Draft: three cow and calves £2,205.00.
Auctioneers: Dungannon Farmers Mart

Sponsor: Danske Bank
Judge: Martin Donaghy, Dungannon, Co Tyrone

The market was packed to the rafters for the Charolais sale at Dungannon on Friday 6 March, where bidding peaked at 6,200gns and 33 bulls sold to average £3,465.00 up £86.00 on last year. The sale saw 85% of the bulls forward finding new homes, an increase of 19% from 2019, most of which were purchased by the commercial market.

Ratoary Ourboy – 6,200gns Top Price & Reserve Supreme Champion

The day’s top seller at 6,200gns was the pre-show junior champion who also went on the receive the reserve supreme and reserve male championship accolades. Bred and exhibited by Sean McGovern, Clogher, Co Tyrone, Ratoary Ourboy is a 16 month-old by the Royal Welsh show reserve junior champion Montgomery Ianto, and his dam Clooncullane Chloe goes back to the French-bred Mozart. He was purchased by R Pedlow, Lurgan, Co Armagh.

Drumlegagh Odin – 4,400gns Supreme Champion

The supreme and senior male champion was next in the trade stakes at 4,900gns. Drumlegagh Odin, who is bred out of the Deeleview Classick-sired Deeleview Ingrid and is by Tweeddale Lookout, a double Q AI bull increasing in popularity having added over 100 sons and daughters into the national herd. John, Ivan & Ryan Elliot, Newtownstewart, Co Tyrone, were his consigners and the aforementioned R Pedlow, was the purchaser of this August 2018-born lad.

Woodpark Orion – 4,300gns

Will Short, Beragh, Co Tyrone, was the vendor behind the next top selling lot. Woodpark Orion, an 18 month-old who stood second in his class at the pre-sale show, was knocked down sold to Trevor Butler, Ballycastle, Co Antrim, in a 4,300gns deal. The sire here is Invictus, while Orion’s dam Woodpark Leanne goes back to the Southern Irish-born Deeside Gulliver who has bred well for the Woodpark herd, producing over 100 progeny to date.

Bridadoon Orbit – 4,200gns

Just behind at 4,200gns was a yellow ticket winner and the first lot through the ring. From David and John Connolly, Ballynahinch, Co Down, Brigadoon Orbit, an April 2018-born bull sired by the Royal Ulster supreme champion Brampton Petition, is out of Brigadoon Leona, herself no stranger to the show ring having picked up the reserve intermediate heifer champion title at the Minsups final in 2016. She in turn is sired by Royal Capitan. Colin Maxwell, Clough, Co Down, was the winning bidder.

Innisrush Osmond – 4,000gns

Three bulls were knocked down at 4,000gns and the first was Innisrush Osmond, a class winner from William Whyte, Portglenone, Co Antrim. T Aiken, Coleraine, Co Derry, was the man with his hand in the air as the hammer came down on the 18 month-old Osmond, whose sire is the Black Isle show champion Lochend Apache. His dam Edenhurst Ingrid, who was purchased at Peter Vasey’s dispersal sale in 2016 goes back to the 10,000gns Carlisle supreme champion Ratoary Ferguson.

The reserve junior male champion was the next 4,000gns selling lot. The 17 month-old Drumlone Orlando who caught the eye of winning bidder A Caldwell, Killen, Co Tyrone, is bred out of the Oldstone Egbert daughter Drumlone Edwina and sired by Ashleigh Admiral. Kenneth Veitch, Lisbellaw, Co Fermanagh, was the consigner.

Matching the 4,000gns price tag was Corrick Orion, who was placed second in class at the morning’s show and is a full brother to last year’s champion Corrick Napoleon. Cecil and Scott McIlwaine, Newtownstewart, Co Tyrone, were the exhibitors of this 14 month-old lot, who was purchased by M Gillespie, Killylea, Co Armagh. His sire the 25,000gns Inverlochy Ferdie was a Stirling intermediate champion while his dam Corrick Hazel goes back the 9,000gns Balmoral supreme champion Goldies Carnival.

Woodpark Ohio – 3,800gns

Four bulls then made 3,800gns a piece, the first seeing Will Short, who sold a total of four bulls to average £3,648.75, back in the money. His 3,800gns seller was the reserve senior male champion Woodpark Ohio, a May 2018-born son of the aforementioned Deeside Gulliver and the Welsh-born Maerdy Indoor, a Maerdy Dynamite daughter who was snapped up by D Donnelly, Sixmilecross, Co Tyrone.

The second to sell at 3,800gns was Tanhill Obi, a 21 month-old by Whitecliffe James and out of the Dungannon supreme champion Fymore Glory-sired Tanhill Lorna. He stood second in his class in the morning for breeder and exhibitor Andrew Armstrong, Dromore, Co Tyrone, and goes on to work in Armagh for new owner F Oliver.

Also hitting the 3,800gns price tag was Paddy and Valerie McDonald’s Glencoe Oak from Killeavy, Co Down. A blue ticket winner who has already proven to have worked at home, he is bred out of Glencoe Jewel, a daughter of the 16,000gns Stirling junior champion Clyth Diplomat and sired by the 13,000gns Stirling reserve junior champion Glencoe Galliant. Frank King, Newry, Co Down, was the winning bidder of this 17 month-old lad.

The next 3,800gns lot, the 15 month-old Royaldowns Oryan, was purchased by S Watterson, Cookstown, Co Tyrone and offered for sale by Mervyn McKeown, Crossgar, Co Down. The 10,000gns Stirling reserve junior champion Goldies Icon is the sire here and his dam Royaldowns Jenna is a daughter of the 25,000gns Stirling supreme champion Inverlochy Ferdie.

The other making this money was the November 2018-born Brogher Owen when he was knocked down sold to Stephen Heenan, Clough, Co Down. Also a son of Goldies Icon, but this time out of the Fintona class winner Brogher Gigi, who goes back to the 55,000gns Balmoral interbreed champion Sportsmans Columbo, he was bred and exhibited by Trevor Phair, Bellanaleck, Co Fermanagh, who also went on to sell two more for a total average of £3,780.

Mr Phair’s next highest priced lot at 3,600gns was Brogher Original who had also earned him a yellow ticket earlier in the day. Another November 2018-born lad, this time sired by the 26,000gns Balbithan Vespasian and out of Brogher Jebella, a Blelack Digger daughter, was purchased by R and S Chesney, Kircubbin, Co Down.

Next up Tullygarley Outlook was knocked down at 3,500gns and taken home by David McFarland, Beragh, Co Tyrone. An entry from John Currie, Ballymena, Co Antrim, and by the popular AI sire Davally Illusion who has added almost 400 progeny to the National herd book, the 18 month-old and yellow ticket winner Outlook is out of the Blelack Digger-sired Tullygarley Iflo.

Drumacritten Oaklee – 3,200gns Female Champion

The highest price female of the sale was George Nelson’s female champion from Drumacritten, Co Fermanagh. Selling at 3,200gns to D McAlonan, Dunloy, Co Antrim, the 17 month-old Drumacritten Oaklee is another by the aforementioned Goldies Icon and her dam Drumacritten Duchess is by the 15,000gns Carlisle supreme champion Burradon Talisman.

At 3,000gns, the reserve female champion Derryharney Oowho was next in the trade stakes. An October 2018-born daughter of the 18,000gns Derryharney Outstanding and Derryharney Lizzy who goes back to the popular AI Sire Blelack Digger, she was offered for sale by Harold Stubbs and Alan Burleigh, Crummy, Co Fermanagh, and purchased by an undisclosed bidder.

Another entry from Kenneth Veitch was the other high-priced female lot. Drumlone Ola who stood third in her class at the pre-sale show caught the eye of Kevin Ferguson, Garrison, Co Fermanagh. The July 2018-born Ola is sired by the 18,000gns Perth intermediate champion Fury Action and out of Gallaway Heidi, a daughter of the French-bred Nippur.

Topping the lots in the draft sale from Mervin McKeown’s Royaldowns herd, was a first calving heifer along with her twin calves. The heifer Royaldowns Margo is a three year-old daughter of the 18,000gns Thrunton Fairfax and Royaldowns Hope who goes back to the above-mentioned Sportsmans Columbo. Her male and female, three month-old twins, are sired by Royaldowns Hemingway Deras.

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